And for those who like English voices...

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And for those who like English voices...

Post by Black Bumblebee »

Yeah, I know folks here aren't too hip with fan-dubs.

It's okay, I know that it's a different community.

That said... for those who "are" somewhat interested, episode 4 of Headmasters has recently been fandubbed by Fyerspawn productions with help from AdaptionsGJ (who also dub the cartoon in French).

They're the same group that created the expanded Scramble City episode and helped me dub my War Within comic to cartoon project.

Me... I play a Throttlebot who goes "arrghh," so I'm somewhat biased. But with that said, I think that for fan work it is very watchable. They even go the extra mile by making sure that Blurr has his blurrs when he moves.

Links to episode 4 and previous episodes can be found at

Now... going to go duck and cover before the subs vs. dubs community comes after me... :D
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Re: And for those who like English voices...

Post by Cheetah »

I like subs and dubs but I don't like Headmasters fandubbed. Sorry. For one, in order for me to like a dub of a show in a different language there is one thing I require. For it to be translated. The dialogue needs to be as close as you can translate it to without it sounding like, well... "Me love you long time." And in the translating I also want the music and sounds to be brought over. I understand that sometimes that can't be done, but in those cases I'll just watch the original. I just want to watch the show how the original creator intended it to be. The Headmasters fandub isn't horrible, but I have high standards.

On a more positive note the War Within looks real nice. Keep up the good work.
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