Zero -Black Blood- Blu-Ray Edition Released

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Zero -Black Blood- Blu-Ray Edition Released

Post by XIII » Wed Oct 22, 2014 11:38 am

So we come to our special release of Zero -Black Blood- Blu-Ray edition, so how does this differ to the TV version, well there is a few differences

Episodes 1-3 have been merged into a feature length presentation called White Chapter
Episodes 4-6 have been merged into a feature length presentation called Black Chapter

The opening song has remained the same
The ending song is the same song, just different verses, which caught us off guard and slightly annoyed us as its different on each chapter, why you do this?! Also da funk is "time slips away fall" why you make no sense? I can also say now that I don't like the song after having to k-time it twice in parts and ask Yaiba nicely to update the karaoke for the new verse on Black Chapter that features dual vocals

So scenes, well they are pretty much the same, we do have some extended scenes and some re-arranged scenes, nothing really special. Overall we had just one new line of dialog that wasn't in the TV release "wooooo"

Audio has a nice upgrade to 5.1 on the Blu-Ray, which is nice treat

As with Blu-Ray releases as of late, we have 1080p version for you to enjoy, cause who doesnt want to watch Zero in HD

And the final treat with this is a segment called miniGARO, Garo and Zero go to the cinema to watch Black Blood and discuss the rules of the cinema, pretty fun stuff and done in the same vein as Imagin Anime

I hope you all enjoy this set of releases
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Re: Zero -Black Blood- Blu-Ray Edition Released

Post by Catastrophe » Wed Oct 22, 2014 1:54 pm

Excellent. Thanks for this! Always loves me some 1080 GARO.

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