Ratings Poll: Garo -Makai no Hana-

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How did you find Makai no Hana?

***** Golden Garo
**** Second Knight Crow
*** Average Priest
** Fallen Knight
* A Horror
Total votes: 30

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Ratings Poll: Garo -Makai no Hana-

Post by takenoko » Tue May 19, 2015 1:18 pm

So what'd you think?

I honestly don't think it was as bad as people thought it was. The positive points outweigh the negatives. But still, one of the weakest Garo TV series to date. So I give it a 3.

It's too bad. It had a lot of potential that it never capitalizes on. It doesn't seem like any of the characters really reach what they could potentially be. That said, there was a lot of good stuff. Crow being a flying knight was neat. Jiiru was a goddess. Mayuri's storyline asked some interesting questions (although some of them had dumb answers). Bikuu would have been badass if she appeared more.

We learned more about Gonza and had some continuing story for Kouga and Kaoru and Rei.

There were also a lot of super fun episodes. Like Movie or Manga. Episode 7 with its mirror to Kouga's story was amazing. I also thought Eiris was a great final boss.

But I think a lot of it will be dragged down by the episodes that were duds. Which is too bad. Maybe if this were cut down to a sleek 13 episode series with no filler, people would think more highly of it.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Garo -Makai no Hana-

Post by Dragonfan » Tue May 19, 2015 2:17 pm

I think the biggest problem for this show was the actual plot. Really simple, really predictable, and very rushed. In the first two Garo seasons we had way more episodes for the plot, here there were like 4 o 5.

But I loved the characters, the standalone episodes and the special effects.

So thats a four from me.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Garo -Makai no Hana-

Post by TokuCasual » Tue May 19, 2015 3:09 pm

3 for me. Could have been 4 if not for the fillers. And the main plot came in too late, which felt rush.

That said, Raiga is my favorite Garo.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Garo -Makai no Hana-

Post by lennyhouston16 » Tue May 19, 2015 4:49 pm

Since I knew a poll was eventually coming for this, I decided to watch Makai no Hana all over again and I have mixed feelings. The show is a hit and miss for me but I can't exactly pinpoint why. I love the characters, the plot, and even some of the fillers but something was missing at certain moments. I agree, Raiga is my favorite Garo but I wanted so much more from Crow. I find him interesting and I really wish they would have given him more. I'm even a little disappointed that a movie is being made for Raiga but not Crow.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Garo -Makai no Hana-

Post by wisdomcat » Tue May 19, 2015 5:37 pm

A show about Kouga and Kaoru's son. People expected it to be good since it went back to non CGI armor for most of its fights. Yet it turned out to be an average show. I feel like it dragged out on finding the slab monsters way too much. The side plot on Mayuri was just too weak for me and its a bit confusing for me at the end. Does she remain a Madou Tool or is she human now? They never developed Crow as a character that much. I understand that the writers wanted to focus on Raiga more since he's considered to be the "strongest" golden knight but it felt that Crow was just there to be the secondary Makai Knight. Even in that one episode which I thought was to be a Crow focused episode turned out to be Raiga saves the day again. As a first season for Raiga I expected it to be good. I give it a 3.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Garo -Makai no Hana-

Post by Catastrophe » Tue May 19, 2015 9:33 pm

It was good to start off with. Kind of fizzled out toward the end.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Garo -Makai no Hana-

Post by Sukeroku! » Wed May 20, 2015 1:31 am

Makai no Hana is probably my least favorite Garo series, but I gave it a 3 because it isn't that bad. It's more disappointing because at times the show had great promise, but they spent so little focus on the storylines that actually mattered.

I don't mind the MotW format; for the most part the Horrors had some pretty interesting ideas, even if the overall execution of their storylines wasn't always compelling. What I didn't like is that these episodes almost never did anything to develop Raiga or any of the other characters. It's fine that the series didn't have a romance story in the background like there was with Kouga and Kaoru, but there's so much more they could have done for Raiga, Mayuri and Crow (or Eiji and Bikuu too). Makai Senki didn't have as much of a love story since it was established already, but for the most part I felt alot of the episodes fleshed out Kouga and Rei more as characters. I could probably count with one hand's fingers the amount of episodes that did any character development in Makai no Hana.

Even the characters in Yami were more fleshed out. Sure, some of it's stupid, and some of the characters (Takeru) are annoying as hell, but at least they tried.

Still, I do like the characters and I think Mayuri and Crow could have been pretty cool. Crow's pretty much a failure at being a secondary knight, being unable of rival status like Rei. He's kinda useless throughout the series but I liked his turn where he allowed Eiris to control his body. I wish they did this sooner and did more with it - he could have made a cool, Tetsuo kind of character, which would have been fitting because even when episodes made you felt it was about him, he would end up stepping aside to Raiga in the climax. Wasted potential, and if he's ever used again, it kinda sucks that he already had his villain turn.

I liked Mayuri's dreams where she was dressed in white. I wish they did alot more to develop, her I dunno, subconcious?

I didn't really care for Raiga going into Beast mode and conquering it, either. It was badass when Kouga went past the timer's expiration, because he meant to do it to save Kaoru, which showed how much he had grown as a character. Raiga being forced into it lacked the same kind of weight.

I also don't like how much they beat around the bush with Kouga and Kaoru. It's fine that the series has moved past them, and they wanted Raiga to stand on his own two legs. But it seemed forced how much the narrative was trying to avoid them directly. To the point I think it hurt the series, as Raiga's relationship with his parents is barely developed, which would probably seem even weirder to someone new to the series than it had for me. Imagine the first season of Garo avoiding Taiga directly. It's weird and unnatural that we get episodes with surrogate kinda father figures like the windchime guy, but they directly avoid his real family.

All those complaints aside, I did like the series. The Horrors were pretty interesting for the most part, the episodes that did focus on the main story were good, the action scenes were top notch and Raiga has a great fighting style. And Gonza steals every scene he's in.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Garo -Makai no Hana-

Post by AxemYellow » Sun Jun 07, 2015 12:01 pm

I felt this series was a major let down; it had so much potential and squandered it. I still liked the characters. even if they weren't that well developed. I'll give it a 3.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Garo -Makai no Hana-

Post by envedges » Fri Jul 24, 2015 4:56 am

Oh goodness, this show was bad and there's two major issues I wanted to complain about.

Problem #1: This show tries too hard to be the first season. It recycles the same structure, and it's done pretty poorly at it. There are a number of filler episode that spends more than half episode on a throw away villain that we don't care about, and then writers try to have Raiga shows up like a big celebrity or as if it was Kouga, and just write off it's all cool. Sure, the first season have some filler, but it has class to it as there are moments that puts a person on the edge of their seat. Right here, it is just a joke. We have two different filler episodes that says young people suck at making manga or have poor taste in movie. Nostalgia all the way. Yeah, it just gives me a impression that Amemiya is losing his touch like how people think of Peter Jackson and George Lucas when they made their prequels for their franchise. You just cannot recreate the same magic from the first series. You have to create a new identity and brings me to the next problem.

Problem #2: The main character is unlikable and the characters are underdeveloped. Raiga, at first, was criticize by people of being a clone of Kouga, but personality wise he is actually little closer to his mother. Aside from that, he's unlikable for his goody-goody two shoes attitude, and the Tsukasa-like bullsh*t speech that he says before battling Horrors. Crow is the second Makai Knight with wings and serve somewhat of a rival to Raiga and interest to Mayuri. Biku appears a bit late in the series like with Jabi from the original series. By now they should balance Makai Priest better in the plot, but no, they cannot be sold like Makai Knights and let's give her a movie for leaving her out like with past Makai Priestess. Also you cannot have a Garo series without a corrupted Knight, which he kinda of sucks compared to previous one. Also going back to #1, they expect you to think Raiga is Kouga at times. Sure you are Golden Knight, but you shouldn't stop and bask in your dad's glory like spoiled brat. You still have a long ways to go to prove yourself as a likeable character.

Since I'm nice and Garo is on 10th anniversary. I'll give it a 2/5, but if it was any other year 1.5/5. Easily the worst Garo season to date.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Garo -Makai no Hana-

Post by Aberration » Mon Nov 16, 2015 7:06 pm

I somehow fell off the Garo wagon after Makai Senki finished, and recently started catching up on everything. So far, this has been the thing I've liked least, for reasons everyone has already stated. It's a shame too, because there were so many good elements in there that could have added up to a good show.

The problems with the show have bugged me so much, I felt compelled to offer up how I'd fix the series:

1. Tell us what happened to Kouga and Kaoru in the first episode. Anyone familiar with Garo is going to want to know this, anyone who isn't can immediately empathize with a protagonist who lost his parents as a child. I don't think they gained anything by holding on to that secret. Plus, it gives the series a certain symmetry, it begins with Raiga losing his parents, and ends with him killing the thing that caused that to happen.

2. More slab Horrors. Just a minor detail, but there was a LONG stretch where they weren't finding any slab Horrors, to the point where I forgot about that subplot until the recap episode reminded me. Not sure why they committed to the number 9, but just throwing in a couple more would've avoided that dry spell and made us think the plot was still on track.

3. Bring Bikuu and Shidou in earlier, much earlier. What really annoyed me about the ending was how Mayuri was dying, and they do that thing where all her friends are gathered around her, except in this case, most of these "friends" are people who only popped in for one episode way back, then came back for this. (And the one guy who caused this whole mess, I'll get to him.) If we're supposed to care about these people, bring them in earlier and establish some solid relationships with the cast.

Shidou - He should be dropping in periodically to do maintenance work on Mayuri, due to the fact that she's never been awake for this long a stretch. Make his acceptance of her as a person and not a Madou Tool a longer arc. Maybe the two of them could have an adventure together.

Bikuu - Hunting fallen Makai agents is Bikuu's personal obsession, Darkness Hunters don't exist. (The idea of the Makai having an internal affairs agency bugs me, simply because nearly every series/movie has had a villainous Makai priest/knight, and Garo has had to handle it by himself. This just tells me that 1. The Darkness Hunters are really bad at their jobs, and 2. they should give that plot point a rest for a good long while. Maybe the upcoming Bikuu movie will make better sense of this concept for me, but I'd get rid of it if I had my way.) I think we need to see Bikuu rack up a few more kills to make it more dramatic when she decides NOT to kill in the finale. Maybe Raiga's compassion convinces her to be a force for redemption instead of punishment.

4. Combine Crow and Giru's stories. Make Crow the one who released Eiris. Now his perceived uselessness is a plot point, he just pretends to be a failure whenever facing off against slab Horrors (which he would now recognize) because he needs Eiris to succeed. His focus episode should show that, when away from Raiga and Mayuri and fighting non-slab Horrors, he's actually hyper-competent.

That's just what I think. This doesn't fix all of the problems (I don't know how I'd fix Raiga, but I think having a bigger supporting cast to bounce off of would help, and Crow really should've gone werewolf at some point, they specifically teased it and did nothing with it), but I think that would be a good start.

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Re: Ratings Poll: Garo -Makai no Hana-

Post by fenrir » Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:07 am

for me this series is such a downer. many things not live up to the potential that might works.
mayuri is boring, coz she's online detect whether its Yes or no & thats it.
raiga is almost perfect in every way. but it kills of his character development, i mean we just take it as it is. almost have the same fault like Superman IMHO.
crow is very very underused & very weak compare to that awesome raiga.

the good thing in here is Raiga fighting style & MOTW design (which sadly die easily)
Bikuu is interesting character & her stand alone movie is GOOD btw.

it's a 2/5 for me & 2nd worst Garo [you can thank Guren no Tsuki for becoming the worst] ----> does masei nakayama & me have bad blood relationship? i dunno lol
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