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Re: Kaigan KR Ghost 36

Post by Eternal_Winterbane » Wed Jun 29, 2016 7:21 am

Ok so this episode finally made me realise what has been bothering me with Ghost since the start and it's these two things, A) Nothing gets explained, and i mean this in this sense: Leader of Idol group starts to hear other people's 'heart voice' or true feelings blah blah, They don't tell her she might be being used by evil Mcevil, Hero sees said girls memory and changes the topic when she asks How did he know this information, and when Sanzo leaves her body they don't tell her what happened! It's not like she's going to disbelieve what they say!...

B) NO ONE REACTS! I swear I would have thought that past KR and Sentai actors would do this but nope, when ever we get a civi on screen during a Henshin they don't even bat a freaking eyelid at the dude who just turned into a spandex wearing, hoodie sporting Orange is the new black fighter to fight monsters.

Oh and another thing, I bet they just brush aside the fake Makoto's reason for existing (and I am calling it now if they dare say he's an eyecon with the memories of Makoto prior to him turning good I am going to call BS so loud Toei will hear me from Okayama!)

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