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Re: Kaigan! KR Ghost the Movie released

Post by Kurokage X » Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:15 pm

Jesus Christ what the hell was up with this flick!? It felt very inconsequential then again this is Ghost so disappointments were already up on my eyes so when Fukami sibling's old man was just aware of the Ganmas and wanted to fight them so he left his kids alone, christ Daigo you're a horrible father. Family drama that I don't even know what's up with between the royal family with oldest and youngest like what's happening oh wait Argos wants everyone want to be a ghost so why not just appreciate the afterlife? and Takeru's fourth, it is fourth death right, felt redundant since he's the protagonist and needs to live I don't give a shit. Japanese actors for non asian characters, I don't really give a damn really since most of them except Robin Hood weren't main characters anyway

On the plus side, designs for the rider forms, Necrom ranger knockoffs & dark colored Specter Doppelganger aside, look nice & Mele, always nice to see her again.

Ultimately not a film worth watching unless you're a compulsive who wants to take as many screenshots of riders in different forms like I am
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Re: Kaigan! KR Ghost the Movie released

Post by Mxylv » Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:33 pm

To start with the beginning, I think the overall editing could have used some work. The jump at the beginning from celebration to otherworldly attack seemed rather fast. Then there's Takeru shaking Musashi, which I can't seem to get my head around. Calling Takeru a rude kid was extremely kind of Musashi, since from what I've heard about samurai he was legally within his rights to chop Takeru's head off (actually, since Takeru can get cuts as a ghost, maybe he’d be a headless rider. Actually, now I have to stop thinking about how much of an improvement that’d be).

There were some parts of Makoto's issues with his father that were good, but some of it ended up a little overcooked (i.e. Makoto using Specter to fight his dad without knowing his dad could do the same thing) and the ending to that subplot felt like it needed some more development beforehand. I really like Takeru’s death scene, but there were still several episodes of Ghost left by the time the movie released. If they’d released this as a sequel to Ghost, it could’ve been a stronger scene, but here, I know he's going to live.

Overall, I love the setting for this movie; it really looks like kind of a collaboration of different cultures, coexisting together. When I think of explaining the plot to others, with Takeru's spirit destroying his dead body, it sounds really cool. The movie had plenty of character moments and the writers didn't forget that they were dealing with human characters amongst all the action. As nanamarfo said, this SHOULD have been good. So I'm having a hard time answering it myself: what went wrong? They had all the material they needed to make a really great movie, but somewhere in the execution it somehow didn't cut it. I'm really not sure what they messed up overall, because all the ingredients are there.

Some other notes:
12:37 I think some of those plants were used in Kyuuranger 01 (and possibly Gaim?)
22:46 While explaining his plan, Dark Ghost mentioned that the luminaries probably want to sacrifice their lives since they’re already dead, only after saying that being a ghost is wonderful; feels like a self-contradiction.
25:16 Darwin looks pretty different from Darwin from the photographs.
27:02 Goemon actually was great and wasn't overhyping his fighting skills. I didn't see that coming.
39:23 Huh, I guess Dark Ghost is a bad guy.
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Strongest Brave
Strongest Brave
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Re: Kaigan! KR Ghost the Movie released

Post by njb » Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:38 pm

Uhm, I'm pretty sure I remember seeing Takeru eating (as a ghost) in the show...

"I wanna eat with my fwiends" is a pretty lame reason for fighting the guy :(

I was very insulted when I saw Beethoven and co play ... not the music they were known for but Warera Omou Yue Ni, Warera Ari. C'mon. I know they're just Kishidan cosplaying but they played the wrong kind of music!
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Re: Kaigan! KR Ghost the Movie released

Post by Fat D » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:09 pm

Plus: Consistent pacing, loved the Luminary action, new luminaries introduced.
Minus: The new riders were bland as hell.
Huh?: Why does Beethoven hear that well? How did this resurrection thing work this time? Did Darwin and the other 84 new ones give up their existence? Did the main 15 give up some new chance at living as humans that Ghost somehow awarded them? Why does Dark Ghost's driver call him the bad guy?

Save the life
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Re: Kaigan KR Ghost the Movie

Post by ViRGE » Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:11 pm

Not much to say here. This movie was less offensive than Ghost itself. On the other hand, it was as mediocre as pretty much every other recent Rider movie. Toei just tries too hard. Or not hard enough. I'm really not sure which.
TypicalStandUser wrote:
Lunagel wrote:-MELE!!!! MY QUEEN, YOU'RE BACK!!
Hirata-chan, why can't you be in more toku?? I wanna see you in GARO...
On the one hand, it's genuinely unfortunate that the most entertaining bit is a tertiary guest star. On the other hand, I second Luna's squee. Hirata Yuka is just so gosh darn entertaining and endearing. She's one of the best female actresses to come through Toei's toku productions in years, and she needs to be in more stuff.

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