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Re: KR Ex-Aid 31 released

Post by toni2212 »

Catastrophe wrote:
That was the "operation" he left to perform. He found Motors and surgically removed him from existence.
But they already showed that when the Riders kill them, they respawn and don't drop the trophy.
It's a shame you weren't doing polls for Gaim, as I feel like the sentiment around here for Ex-Aid is even more consistently positive than it was for Gaim.
Nah. Gaim was in peak form from pretty much start to finish and I imagine that it would have been 4-5 the whole way through. People are liking Ex-Aid now, but the first 1/3rd was kind of average.
I don't think Gaim was in peak from start to finish (despite it being my favorite KR show of the Neo-Heisei era). Remember that a lot of people were pretty pissed off about the dancing and the Invess Game elements that were present a lot during its initial run. Only after the conclusion of the Beat Rider saga that Gaim's story started picking up the pace highly. The only reason most people are sticking up during its initial run is because it was written by a well known writer Gen Urobushi and they were all anxious to see what he brings to the KR world. As for me it was because of the samurai warlord themes. :P

Now back to Ex-Aid. ShinDan Kuroto is really becoming a fun elements in the story. I thought about the possibility of Poppy becoming a Bugster from his mother in the last episode, but now they are inserting the idea that Poppy is seeing Dan as a father figure? Talk about twisted relationship there...

Mathematically, Level 0 is probably the lowest, but Genm's stats in this form as shown in the Kamen Rider wikia seems to put it just below Genm X. So my guess is Level 0 is slightly irrelevant towards the levelling because its an alpha build that falls under the category of being a developer's build. But most importantly the scene of Dan popping up from the pipe is quite a meme worthy. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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