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Re: KR Ex-Aid 33 released

Post by nanamarfo » Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:02 pm

ViRGE wrote:
nanamarfo wrote:
Well, not trusting Shin Dan is a factor.
And trusting his megalomaniacal father is a better idea? :P
That is in the mind of Hirro, not me.

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Re: KR Ex-Aid 33 released

Post by Mandalori » Sat Jun 03, 2017 2:04 am

Maybe he want to do like Lord Scourge in The Old Republic : become the big bad right-man hand, learn all he can about him to better destroy him after.

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Re: KR Ex-Aid 33 released

Post by Ashki » Sat Jun 03, 2017 5:25 am

YuushaGamer wrote:i can already see the ending of this series is gonna be like drive again. paradox and emu team up to defeat chronos as he tries to wield the power of gamedeus. then once gamedeus is destroyed they have one final battle and hopefully it will be better between tomari and heart. seriously though where did the director disappear off too and then suddenly reappear
Actually, this isn't a new concept. It may work out far more like Faiz or other KR series where the bad guy faction is another race. Frequently in such series, the non-human species will splinter into multiple fations, one beinganti-human, and one wanting to coexist with humans (and often a third which either flip-flops or goes its own direction).

It was pretty obvious at the end that Parado got his groove back, and I'm liking how the character is getting more and more depth as we go along. Unlike the other Bugster, he's a definite wild card.

As for this episode being "too predictable", I feel it worked, and also that the bluntness was intentional. There are so many tropes being done at one in this episode thaat it feels like the writers are saying "We have to do these every year, so here they are. Can you see them all Toei? Now get off our back let us do something new!" It was like they were TRYING to shove it all down our throats, unlike a lot of the foreshadowing earlier in the show where it was more subtle or they dopped obvious clues in not-so-obvious places.
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Re: KR Ex-Aid 33 released

Post by Greenstalker » Sun Jun 04, 2017 5:31 pm

I didn't like this episode at all. First I don't think Dan Kuroto would create something he couldn't control. All of the things fell apart came from Emu's creations not Dan's. How come Masa has master gashat and not Dan? Further more is it same gashat for chronos or a different one? even furthermore if cronos was designed to be a player gashat how Masa reached that level without actually fighting and completing busgter gashats. I said I was expecting masa become an enemy before but this episode showed too many loopholes in the story than actually mending some of them. Brave's betrayal was a cliche too ever since character introduced i was expecting a betrayel from brave more so after learning his lover was one of first victims. I was also expecting some sort of come back for people who were basically digitalized however i was expecting it would be done less obviously too. As taka pointed out it was so obvious they should be realized it.

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Re: KR Ex-Aid 33 released

Post by njb » Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:00 am

nanamarfo wrote:
ViRGE wrote:
One thing is throwing me for a loop though. Dan stops Masamune in broad daylight, the two talk at night (even though it's implied that it happens seconds later), and then the moment they transform at the end of that talk, it's broad daylight again? Either something got cut for time, or someone got their wires crossed here when filming this episode.

And hey, it's Bureaucrat Asuna! We haven't seen her in a long while.
1. Time warp by Masume(Sorry for misspelling) most likely.

2. What?
S/he meant Asuna in black.

My personal speculation: Chronos is supposed to be the good guy's upgrade to defeat Gamedeus right? Since Chronos's character is now bad, maybe Ex-Aid will assume the form of Gamedeus? (Maybe the final form?) It also makes sense since from what I understand Emu has no intention of (and is even against) reviving those defeated by Bugsters, like Saki. Not letting Gamedeus be defeated can result with what he wants.
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Re: KR Ex-Aid 33 released

Post by Mandalori » Mon Jun 05, 2017 2:11 am

It's not that he is against it, it's more like he's wondering if it's the right thing to do, on the philosophical point of view, or something like that.
It would be a real problem in real life since the dead brought back would probably be so different from when they were alive that it would be a totally different person. It's the same problem with clonage.
In the show, however, since they said it's about data being backed up, it probably mean that it's both the body and the mind that would be restored, so it would be like recovering someone from a coma without (probably) any aftereffect, so the philosophical question is irrelevant, but they probably think of rising the dead rather than restoring someone like a computer.

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Re: KR Ex-Aid 33 released

Post by FangTrigger » Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:20 pm

Wow...just wow....

While I accidentally spoiled myself on Brave's heel turn and the identity of Chronos, I have to give props to the man in charge of editing this episode, because that camera angle in the beginning? It made his eyes look pitch black, and that was perfect!

But yeah, other than that, the rest of this episode was extremely obvious. Too much time spent on setting up why the Proto-Gashats were important to Brave.

And, while they did reveal it in the episode, why not immediately suspect Chronos as the one who stole the gashats? He can freeze time. It'd be a cakewalk for him to do it.

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