KR Snipe 02 released

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KR Snipe 02 released

Post by takenoko » Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:30 pm ... de_ZERO_02

Again, I think the main Ex-Aid plot suffers by having all of Taiga's backstory completely cut away and separated like this. All this back stuff really should have been integrated into the first quarter of the story. There's some good stuff here and it's not stronger by being its own thing like this.

I think this is more lines that we've seen Saki speak than in the main series itself?

Some points I'm confused about. If Jirou died from Game Syndrome, then which Bugster infected him and did he get a fully formed body like Graphite?

God, I hate it when this show gets dramatic though. Just Taiga abusing his friend at the end over nothing just really seemed overwrought and teenage angsty. It just doesn't feel natural.

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Re: KR Snipe 02 released

Post by fenrir » Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:08 am

not as good as the first episode in my opinion.

about maki, i dont think he died bcoz of the henshin, nor the game syndrom. he said he had something similar effect likegame syndrome.

idk if it's bcoz the broken proto-gashat or what thou.

agree with you take, should insert Taiga back story into the first 20episodes
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Re: KR Snipe 02 released

Post by ViRGE » Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:57 am

I'm liking these Snipe episodes, but I agree with Takenoko that they're coming at the expense of the show proper, especially since they get released so late. The third episode isn't even out until October, after the series has ended. I'm okay with these being separate episodes from Ex-Aid proper, but in that case they should have been distributed early in the show's run via the Fan Club or such.

In any case, it's a short movie, but we see where Taiga gets his savior complex from. He is, at least as far as he knows, the only person who can save these patients. Doctors tend to be very Type A, so this isn't really out of character for one. However it's one of the few cases where for character development purposes it would have been better if he had been a surgeon like Hiiro, as surgeons are sort of the ultimate Type A personalities in that respect.

Meanwhile we finally get clear confirmation that Taiga was setup by Dan to fail from the beginning. However I hope at some point they go into why they needed Taiga for this. So far we haven't see anything to indicate that the Bugsters needed a Rider to evolve to their higher levels.
takenoko wrote:God, I hate it when this show gets dramatic though. Just Taiga abusing his friend at the end over nothing just really seemed overwrought and teenage angsty. It just doesn't feel natural.
Agreed. I totally get what they were going for - Taiga developing a savior complex and Maki warning him off before it's too late - however how they went about it is just odd. The short runtime of the episode means we haven't actually had much time to see Taiga develop his complex. And meanwhile in what I can only describe as black comedy, the fight at the end comes down to two grown men fighting over a prop of a toy.:o Having Maki try to save his friend is noble, especially after Maki's own efforts apparently got him infected as well, but it could have been handled a bit better.

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Re: KR Snipe 02 released

Post by Catastrophe » Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:07 pm

What's this? Saki speaking more than that one line? Madness!

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