Ultraman Orb the Movie - Lend me the Power of Bonds! released

Kai of Den-O who lends the power of lights, becomes an Ultraman.
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Ultraman Orb the Movie - Lend me the Power of Bonds! released

Post by zeta_gundam » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:28 pm

Wiki: http://wiki.tvnihon.com/wiki/Ultraman_O ... r_of_Bonds!

Alt title: Why bother with Ginga and Victory?

Overall thoughts: This... was a waste of time. I liked the Orb TV series; this is considerably weak compared to what we had for the TV series. I sincerely hope that Ultraman is not headed down the KR/SS route of pointless crossovers every year. But on to some details:

Dezastro! If you've watched Ultraman X (on Crunchyroll), at the end of the series, we have X returning to the X-Devizer and warning Daichi of the kaiju Dezastro headed to Daichi's Earth. I like the little connection between X's and Orb's series. This is the second reference to Dezastro in the Ultraman series, but we've yet to see the kaiju! Not even a silhouette!

UltraSeven! In case you didn't know, this year is UltraSeven's 50th anniversary! It's been 50 years! Which is why he's in this movie, and why in Ultra Fight Orb (we have done that, go check it out), Orb gains a new form that utilizes Seven's and Zero's powers. Speaking of which, it's strange how we see Emerium Slugger at the very end of the movie, as Orb only obtains it during the events of Ultra Fight Orb. I guess it's just supposed to be a teaser for Ultra Fight Orb. (In Japan, Ultra Fight Orb was released only after this movie aired.)

Ginga and Victory: honestly, why did they bother with Ginga and Victory? It felt like they were written in just to facilitate the new Trinity Form, which looks quite uninspiring. It's another one of those somewhat pointless crossover movie that could easily have just been a two- or three-part epilogue to the TV series. In my opinion, a proper crossover movie would be one that deals with X, Zero, and Orb fighting against Dezastro. I'd love to see the Xio members again as well. C'mon, Tsuburaya, make this happen!

Sadeath and Mulunau: they are pretty plain cookie-cutter villains. Sadeath just wants to fight Gai, Mulunau just wants to turn everything into diamonds. Yawns.


On to the other stuff. We hear Orb referring to how he has met Mulunau and Sadeath before. But if you'd watched the original TV series and Orb Origin Saga (we're doing our best to get Origin Saga out ASAP), you'd notice that we don't see either character. That got me wondering, who on earth are Mulunau and Sadeath? It turns out that Orb is actually envisioned to be a '10 chapter' series. In the "Ultraman Orb - Collected Works" Mook (ISBN: 9784091051585), the main director Taguchi Kiyotaka and main writer Nakano Takao described their plans for Orb.

Minor spoilers? Sorta. The ten chapters are:
  1. 'The Tree of Life' chapter (Orb Origin Saga)
  2. 'I'm a Migratory Bird of the Galaxy' chapter
    (Envisioned to be 4 parts, describing how Orb got his Elemental Powers; also where he meets Mulunau and Sadeath for the first time)
  3. 'The Man who Stole a Black Hole' chapter
    (Gai and Juggler part ways and Juggler obtains the Dark Ring)
  4. 'Fight! Ishtar's Civilization' chapter
    (Gai and Juggler visit the Earth of the TV series for the first time. Gai battles against Maga-Tanothor, the Demon Beast of Darkness.)
  5. 'From Rusalka, with love' chapter
    (Envisioned to be 2 parts. It deals with the time when he first met Natasha, i.e. the flashback scenes and dreams of Naomi from the TV series. Gai battles against Maga-Zetton, the Demon Beast of Light.)
  6. 'The Wandering Sun' chapter (TV series)
  7. 'Murunau's Counterattack - The Return of Sadeath' chapter (this movie)
  8. 'The Great Evil Sky Best, Dezastro' chapter (an epilogue to X and this movie)
  9. 'The Netherworld Mage's Emissary' chapter (Ultra Fight Orb)
  10. 'Migration Birds, Take to the Skies!' chapter (deals with Gai and Juggler's relationship)
Of the ten chapters, four (chapters 1, 6, 7, 9) have aired. I actually hope we do get to see the other chapters in order to get the full story of Orb.

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Re: Ultraman Orb the Movie - Lend me the Power of Bonds! released

Post by VerusMaya II » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:53 pm

Aw... I really liked the film. Sure some of the Ultras appearing were not really necessary, but it's fun. I enjoyed seeing Daichi and X again, and it was very endearing to see Juggler trying out that whole ally of justice thing.
Also, it took Jetta and Shin that long to figure out Gai is Orb. Boys please... try a little harder next time...

They keep dropping Dezastro's name as a big deal. Is he gonna be like, the Thanos of these Ultra side stories / movies? I hope they manage to bring back a couple more actors for it, if so.

I'm really excited that Orb has this whole story planned out that we've only seen a bit of. It really helps with consistency of character! I wish more writers did that.
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Re: Ultraman Orb the Movie - Lend me the Power of Bonds! released

Post by Lunagel » Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:12 am

Two as One is totally Gai and Juggler's gay love song and nothing anyone says can convince me otherwise.

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