Ultraman Orb - The Origin Saga 01 released!

Kai of Den-O who lends the power of lights, becomes an Ultraman.
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Ultraman Orb - The Origin Saga 01 released!

Post by zeta_gundam »

Wiki: http://wiki.tvnihon.com/wiki/Ultraman_O ... in_Saga_01
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Alt title: Bet you didn't see that coming!

Okay, so this episode establishes a few things that the TV series never did:
1. how Gai became Orb;
2. it shows how Gai and Juggler past relationship, something which was brought up often in the TV series but never explicitly dealt with.

One potential continuity error: We hear Gai blowing the familiar tune with his harmonica, but in the TV series, he stated that he learnt the tune from Natasha when he came to Earth of the TV series (or at least that's how I remembered it).

Oh and well, other characters.
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Re: Ultraman Orb - The Origin Saga 01 released!

Post by ryujin »

Out of nowhere lol!, this is a really big surprise :), just want to say a big thank you for considering this one, you guys rock!
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Re: Ultraman Orb - The Origin Saga 01 released!

Post by DaVinci030 »

Trivia: If you haven't noticed, that Shohei guy from the Earth was played by Go-On Red's actor.
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Re: Ultraman Orb - The Origin Saga 01 released!

Post by HyouRetsuzan »

looks like my birthday came early, never thought to see origin saga subbed. bless you, bless you thousand times. cant wait to hear gamu and fujimiya shouting their respective ultra again :D
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Re: Ultraman Orb - The Origin Saga 01 released!

Post by Mxylv »

I have to say, what a breath of fresh air this was from the last few (and current) Ultra Series! No heavy merchandising gimmick, no 30-second rises, just straight-up storytelling and action. The budget is definitely lower than it was for the main series (I'm surprised they didn't pay much attention to the worms-eye views that seriously help convey the scale), and storywise the moral dilemmas feel a little trope-y so far, but it has plenty of time to bounce back from that. I'm hoping Tsuburaya will decide to make more originals like this in the future, but in any case, it's great to have story-driven Ultraman back.
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Re: Ultraman Orb - The Origin Saga 01 released!

Post by Kurokage X »

I could have sworn that you guys weren't going to sub this series. Was there something I missed?
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Re: Ultraman Orb - The Origin Saga 01 released!

Post by Phoenix512 »

We initially weren't going to but Amazon hasn't set a date for releasing it internationally like with Kamen Rider Amazons. So we decided to go ahead with subbing it.
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Re: Ultraman Orb - The Origin Saga 01 released!

Post by phantomsdaydreams »

Amazingly grateful and super anxious to see more! =) I'm going through Orb as I write this, so hopefully you'll keep up the GREAT work and we can all enjoy more Orb. ^_^
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