Ultraman Orb - The Origin Saga 09 Released!

Kai of Den-O who lends the power of lights, becomes an Ultraman.
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Ultraman Orb - The Origin Saga 09 Released!

Post by takenoko »

Wiki: http://wiki.tvnihon.com/wiki/Ultraman_O ... in_Saga_09
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It was weird watching this series from episode 9. Is that Raia's actor?

Sorta recognized Go-On Red's mole, but had to look him up.

What is this story? It's so dramatic!
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Re: Ultraman Orb - The Origin Saga 09 Released!

Post by decade368990 »

Takano Hassei played Fujimiya Hiroya / Ultraman Agul on Gaia in 1998 before playing Tezuka / Raia on Ryuki in 2003.
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