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Re: Kamen Rider Build Trailer released!

Postby mholden020 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:41 pm

Looks good to me! :D Disappointed that the new series will ultimately cause Ex-Aid to end with only 45 episodes and make it even shorter than Toqger, especially after Ghost seemed to drag on forever. I do like how the Toei KR trailers have evolved over the past couple of years though:

Ex-Aid: Will have drama! Also check out the funny chibi-like Rider form :lol:
Build: Here's a full description of the show!

I actually like that it was a full description of what's going on even if it is a lot of stuff to cram into three minutes. If they have a a lot of crap to explain, that's less time spent fighting monsters that serve no purpose at all. It's worked with Ex-aid, it worked with Gaim (right up until the ending :evil: ), and it's kinda-sorta working with Kyuranger. I don't mind a lot of plot stuff if it keeps the show moving, but having a lot of plot stuff and nothing going forward (LOOKING AT YOU, GHOST) is just mind-numbing.
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Re: Kamen Rider Build Trailer released!

Postby njb » Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:18 am

Lunagel wrote:
stardrago wrote:say, of the 3 capitals, shouldn't Seibu suppose to be Seito; like in the name of the Hospital that has CR in Ex-Aid which could make a possible future reference of the possible Movie War that may come out later to connect the series.

No, the district name is 西部 (seibu) and Seito Hospital is 聖都. The second character is the same, but it's a very common one that means department, organization, division, capital, etc., and can be read as either (bu) or (to), depending on the previous kanji. The first character isn't even similar, so they're clearly not supposed to be connected.

They're obviously going for an amalgam of Tokyo and Kyoto's names for Touto. 東京+京都=東都

I find it strange though, since all three were (direction)+部. I would expect that 部 would be pronounced the same in all three cases.
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Re: Kamen Rider Build Trailer released!

Postby Lunagel » Sat Aug 05, 2017 6:07 am

njb wrote:I find it strange though, since all three were (direction)+部. I would expect that 部 would be pronounced the same in all three cases.

Japanese is quirky like that.
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Re: Kamen Rider Build Trailer released!

Postby Renigami » Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:31 am

Well, this will follow the usual Kamen Rider Wizard rule...

Cool suit. Cool power premise... shit show.
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Re: Kamen Rider Build Trailer released!

Postby Renigami » Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:26 pm

With the trailer showing so many bits and pieces and devices all over the place, I get the sense that this is another Kamen Rider buffet of tropes to inadvertently juggle and then drop the pins and balls juggled...

I mean a buffet is good to glut all various types of dishes... but each one is made quick, fast, and have set for a period of time that definitely attributes to the "un-fresh" of the dish. And no one ever remembers anything standout of a buffet either... just a state of full, or not full....

Kamen Rider, like any media devolving, exemplifies such....

Instead of trying to see what sticks by throwing all manners of tropes out quickly at a time, Toei should try and make a meal to remember.... But since Fourze, I don't think such has ever happened Post-Decade.

Again, I blame Den-O, that started to trickle with Kabuto, with that whole nonsensical Iron Chef, to that Make-Up doppelganger.
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Re: Kamen Rider Build Trailer released!

Postby resop2 » Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:27 am

But, it was established early on that Tendou Souji had insane cooking skills (and was reinforced very often through his cooking for Juka). Souji's cooking was one of the main themes of the show, not just some buffet entry. Also, there were three separate cooking duels in the show (Ramen, Iron Chief, and the Kageyama Shun vs Takatori Renge test to see who could be Souji's aide). As for the Make-Up doppelganger, that's what the MOTW did, imitate other people.

On the other hand, Kabuto was a buffet of troupes. One troupe I thought was amusing was the bishounen overload to the point where I was calling this season the Kamen Rider High School Host Club. (What was truly amusing was that the actor who played Sasword was in Ouran High School Host Club TV, and played both roles almost the same.)

Corrected the name spellings -take
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Re: Kamen Rider Build Trailer released!

Postby Renigami » Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:56 pm

It was how the cooking ordeal was handled that became theme-parky.

The ramen arc was understandable. It also tied into the fiscal downfall of what Ji and Tsugiri had as a problem - due to ZECT being the main income cutting them off. That cooking battle had no other relatable tie-ins, even more so that the stage for that was also out of nowhere.

The Make-Up doppelganger demonstrated that even the Riders is subject to being mistaken and thus diverted from their tasks by interference from other enforcements, not just ZECT. But the way it was portrayed (that one particular scene with them DBZ-lite battling) was plain... well trickling of things to come that popped up now with Rider series.

Renge, yes she subsisted on uncooked rice, but does that mean other ZECT trainees underwent such Gaim-like training in seclusion and torment? That is a question that opens up and never even acknowledged.

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