Rouge Part 3?

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Rouge Part 3?

Post by ZippoMoon »

Anyone know when TV-Nihon is going to release it?
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Re: Rouge Part 3?

Post by Lunagel »

When it's done
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Re: Rouge Part 3?

Post by Mandalori »

How about "we're kind of busy if 3 weeklies so it's on hold for now" or "real life issues" or "the guys currently working on it is away"?
As someone said "it's easier to wait when you know why you wait", or something like that.
Personally, I thought it was the Rogue Prime that was Rogue 3.
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Re: Rouge Part 3?

Post by takenoko »

I think we can be a little more transparent than that, considering it came out like half a year ago. We honestly didn't notice the third part was released until like a month ago, so we only really started working earnestly recently.

The fact that this is the first time someone asked about it probably says something about viewer expectations for it lol.
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Re: Rouge Part 3?

Post by Catastrophe »

Because part 2 was kind of garbage so there isn't any expectation the 3rd one will be any better?

Because that's my feeling anyway.
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Re: Rouge Part 3?

Post by msf232 »

I downloaded this thing from another source some time ago, but still haven't watched it

Hoping to watch the TV-Nihon one when it comes out
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