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KR Build 32 released

Post by takenoko »

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Alt title - Rogue is a rogue factor

Last week's results: 4.18 / 5 (11 votes)

I liked this week's episode. The humor bits were good (loved how Sento broke the news to Banjou, it's so fitting).

There were a few bits that were dumb but ended up working out. I think it's dumb that Sawatari hasn't put his family/friends in witness protection already or something. How many times is he going to let them get threatened? But then, we get the ?good scene of Rogue saving them. I have mixed feelings on this, since Rogue's portrayal is inconsistent to me. I feel like he had plenty of time to destroy the remote, by the way... So he'll defy his masters to save a group of random people he doesn't know, but he won't to save his own father?

Gentoku's father continues to be a frustrating idiot. Threatening to use the cube, then getting told to his face that he obviously won't, that's a great villain moment. But maybe he should just use the power to save his people after all?

I highly dislike Banjou tossing the flowers down on his girlfriend's grave. That seems really out of character and is just ugly and disrespectful.

The stairs moment was awesome. I like the way it was shot and it's a good Banjou moment. The humor backfires a bit when they go "Oh, whoops, maybe Sento should have gone to stop Rogue instead of staying and watching Banjou kick Stark's butt".

The battle still suffer a bit from having an obvious outcome. By getting rid of the monster of the week, we're kind of stuck with the cog bros and the jobber robot soldiers that are no threat. It's a bit disappointing.
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Re: KR Build 32 released

Post by TypicalStandUser »

Gentoku's Deadman Switch is very lenient. I'd destroy the detonator ASAP if I were you.

Ryuuga VS Stark is eh. Sure, Stark's going all Hannibal Lecture but Ryuuga just bounces back like nothing. And what's this "fate" you're talking about, Barista Snake?? One more thing... Does that new Fullbottle of yours make the Rainbow Frappucino without the frustration and painstaking work??

I'm hoping next episode or after "it" becomes as strong as Stronger, the Hell Bros should just die.

Not feeling it this episode. I hoping next week will be good.
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Re: KR Build 32 released

Post by Yaiba »

I knew the lead Sawatari Farm guy looks familiar, it's the dude from the Kuma Televi Hyper Battle DVD.

Nice little continuity callback.
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Re: KR Build 32 released

Post by Catastrophe »

I love the little things in this series. If you watch in the background while Banjou charges his knuckle to whoop Stark, Sento is cheering in the background.

Also, I love how Sento didn't need to give Banjou a pep talk. The writer knows they've done that to each other enough and they are good enough buddies know that it isn't required. Sento breaking the news to Banjou that he's part alien is totally in character and humorous, but at the same time it speaks for the fact that Sento doesn't care.
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Re: KR Build 32 released

Post by Rashef »

Protein Ramen, Best Match!...

I won't lie, that got a chuckle outta me. And I'm also glad we can have more Sawa-san, but part of me wonders how much the plans for the character changed due to actor and fan input (if at all).
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