Rogue Two released

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Rogue Two released

Post by takenoko »

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Felt like 5 minutes worth of story stretched out over 20 minutes? Boring. Gave no insight into the character.

Also WTF? Why did Gentoku beat up the fellow prisoner, following the guy's order, then proceed to defy his order. Was there any point to any of this? The whole thing is dumb and edgelordy.
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Re: Rogue Two released

Post by Lunagel »

Uhh whoever was responsible for that awful Kamen Rider Brave special do this as well? I mean, it's got all the hallmarks: shitty writing, barely tenable connection to main story, a frankly concerning amount of violence and blood...

And I'm honestly surprised they got away with the implied pissing on Gentoku's face and prison rape. Maybe they didn't actually go that far but it was pretty obvious what they were intending.

Dark, edgelord-y and overall just depressing. Way to make me not want to watch the next one.
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