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Ultraman Geed

Post by Mxylv » Wed Jul 05, 2017 5:55 am

The trailer is out for the latest Ultra Series installment, Geed! The plot revolves around the son of an evil Ultra (said son's human form is the youngest main Ultraman actor I know of), and the transformation gimmick looks effectively copied from last year's series. Sadly, some recent tropes of the series seem to be returning (the transformation/rise looks like it'll be quite lengthy, and as usual, merchandising and catchphrases are quite strong) and it looks like there'll be another monster comic relief. When I told my sister the premise of the show, she noticed that it sounded like a bad fanfiction. So far, I think I may agree.

Decided to spoiler tag some other notes on the crew because otherwise :
The biggest upside to the series for me so far is that the main writer, Otsuichi, is known for children's mysteries and horror shorts. Another plus is that Kenji Kawai is returning as an Ultraman composer after his previous work on Ultraman Nexus and the 2010 Ultraman Zero movie (which have my two favorite soundtracks of the entire Ultra series), and the bit of Geed's presumed soundtrack in the show's production presentation sounds just as amazing as the rest of his work. That said, the biggest thing that bugs me is the series' main director, Koichi Sakamoto. I know he's a very famous and popular figure in tokusatsu with great fight choreography, but as far as my experience with him goes, a lot of his work seems to rely on action sequences and some general tropes rather than human character development to the point where he doesn't always seem sure what to do when there isn't much action (my issues with him are most evident in the Ginga S movie).

Character-wise everyone looks okay. Not impressed by the villain so far. The supporting characters look way better than Orb's, though. Nice to see a strong female character after the serious letdown I found Naomi to be. Looks like a lot of Zero is going to dwindle into comic relief, and the attack team feels a little limited (plus, there are no uniforms again).

Overall, I don't think enough's changed from Orb. I like to think that the Ultra Series may be slowly but surely trying to build back up to the greatness of their last decade, but if so, they may have to wait a little longer. Any thoughts so far?

(I've decided to sub the trailer on my own, for anyone who'd wanted to see it:)
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Re: Ultraman Geed

Post by xiiliea » Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:24 am

I haven't watched Ultraman Orb yet, but it doesn't have a real defense team, it seems. I don't see any mechas in the Geed trailer either, so has Tsuburaya really given up on selling planes, and switched to armors and weapons on Ultramen? Filming cockpit views and flying planes might be more expensive and complicated, but that's what made the old series so great.

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Re: Ultraman Geed

Post by Phoenix512 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:49 am

There's a defense team in Orb but it's not the main focus. Orb ends up hanging around with a civilian paranormal group.

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