Ultraman Dyna 02 released!

...as in "Dynamic"?
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Ultraman Dyna 02 released!

Post by xiiliea »

Wiki: http://wiki.tvnihon.com/wiki/Ultraman_Dyna_02
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Asuka being too manly as usual.

Did I hear the exact same stock engine start up sound from Half-Life 2's airboat at 14:14 (14:17 for release version with splash)?

Everyone hit except for this guy. Fired!
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Re: Ultraman Dyna 02 released!

Post by Phoenix512 »

So if Dyna wasn't his original name but a made up name, what was his original name then?
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Re: Ultraman Dyna 02 released!

Post by GaMa7 »

Very nice second part! It starts with nice action and with some follow-up to Asuka's actions. I like that we see him reprimanded: I wasn't especting punishment with him being the classical "reckless protagonist" but it's nice toa ddress the topics of his behaviour in the squad and his goal right at the start, without dragging the issue too much. I like that it was Ryo who recommended him and not the usual "old man hunch" of the squad chief Hibiki (which, anyaway, already spotted the alchemy between Ryo and Shin). The lava monster was pretty nice and the fight higlighted in a quite simple and straightforward manner some of the abilities of the new form of Dyna. It's interesting that, differently from Tiga Sky, this form seems more adept to long range fight and relies more on power manipulation and abilities akin to telekinesis, like Ryo suggest. I like that almost everyone was able to get a piece of action, even the test pilots, it's just too bad that everything boiled to Dyna having to save the day. An all-out attack would have been awesome! Anyway, I'm nitpicking as always. Oh, a forgot to address the nice mecha adn base design of SuperGuts: the base, with that silver, black and that red stripe, seems out of a techy, sleek metal hero show, look pretty lovely. And I really adore the simple yet effective design of their composite aircraft, such a classic Ultra series staple. All in all, a fantastic continuations! Great work guys, thank you so much!

P.s.: I'm with Phoenix about Dyna's name. I'm really curious if his "ultra identity" will be ever addressed in the series or it's something similar to the Tiga situation. The way Asuka seems to get his powers, that misterious light in deep space, could be an Ultra responding to his plea? Well, looking forward to more episodes to unravel the mistery!
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