Ultraman Dyna 03 released!

...as in "Dynamic"?
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Ultraman Dyna 03 released!

Post by xiiliea »

Wiki: http://wiki.tvnihon.com/wiki/Ultraman_Dyna_03
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That "regeneration" looked like something gross!
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Re: Ultraman Dyna 03 released!

Post by Phoenix512 »

Asuka could have used a Bright slap or three for being a bitch and ignoring orders.
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Re: Ultraman Dyna 03 released!

Post by GaMa7 »

Aaaand...Asuka didn't learned from his previous episode mistakes, as expected! :D Anyway, it works in the way that, how he clearly states, he feel like the others can't comprehend his status and feelings, with him being able to become Ultraman. A behaviour that highlight his selfish side and even the "ghost" of his father playing pitch with him seemed not happy. About the pitch, it's nice to see the baseball them continue, even in the humurous ending of the episode. Anyway Asuka's behaviour really came back to bite is butt, seemingly making him unable to transform. Thankfully Hibiki is there, again, to knock some sanity into Asuka's head, at his expenses (and even appearing to save the day again, even injured and proving to be as reckless as Asuka). I really liked the action: very physical fight between Dyna and the possessed Grossyna. It's nice that they continue to estabilish ties with the previous series, saying that the monster was struck down by Guts but it would have been even cooler to really have a monster that really appeared in Tiga. The regeneration was pretty bizarre but, as usual, I liked the use of both practical and digital effects. Very nice display of SuperGuts teamwork too in organizing a strategy to defeat the monster and they basically succeeded if it wasn't for the monster pulling out new tricks like nothing. Really liked the gruesome way how Cyclometra acts, especially the last desperate attack, bursting out from the monster chest like some famous alien. Really nice episode: again, while Asuka was the focus, everyone had a little share of action. Looking forward to the next one!
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