Garo -VANISHING LINE- 23 spoiler thread

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Garo -VANISHING LINE- 23 spoiler thread

Post by DaVinci030 » Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:01 pm

Alt title: The final battle in El Dorado

So it's Sword vs. King, Luke vs. Knight, and Gina vs. Queen.

Bishop is just standing there. Come on.

I see two eras, Honoo no Kokuin and Guren no Tsuki shortly appeared in this episode. Illustrations by previous anime director and character designer.

This ED is a different one.
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I think this is gonna be an epilogue. Garo vs. Knight. Let's settle this.

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Re: Garo -VANISHING LINE- 23 spoiler thread

Post by fenrir » Sat Mar 24, 2018 12:31 am

hi hello @DaVinci030 , i saw some of your post about Vanishing Line, seems it's not a popular one due to lacks of replies & views.
however i do watch it every week actually. ( i kinda go for a while from the forum actually, but i wanna comment on this episode)

i kinda surprised that it's suddenly become like the "ending episode" for the series until i saw the final clip of "Future". coz everything seems kinda wrap up SOOOOOOO FAST + all the credit scene. kinda make me confused for a moment thou.

Sword vs King => seems too easy & too fast.
Gina vs Queen => decent fight. but sadly when Queen reveal her Horror form, she lose :(
Luke vs Knight => at least Luke prove something to his father, and he acknowledge it. Knight lives to fight, and his passion is to fight The Golden Knight, which i believe&Hope will happend on the next episode

Bishop just standing there is quite weird, but i always feel that he's the one who unpredictable & have hidden agenda + possible traitor for King, so perhaps he gonna bring a new scheme & appear for the next series/movie??

the artwork for the other anime series of Garo in this episode is very good i think, give some kind of nostalgic & relation as all the Garo anime series is happend in 1 Universe.

"Everything is for my sister" is a GREAT GREAT GREAT ending song i think, such a good EDM for the modern kind of Garo series. i do hope i can hear it once again later for all the complete audio version of it.
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Re: Garo -VANISHING LINE- 23 spoiler thread

Post by Catastrophe » Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:52 am

It's pretty much the same setup as the very first series. Big horror is killed and then a big 1 v 1 fight against the evil Makai Knight.

The fact Sword mentioned he was tired is probably to even the odds a bit, because every other fight between the two Sword has appeared to have the upper hand.

Great episode regardless. I really liked that montage of the characters from earlier on in the season that lost loved ones and how it shows the good in human kind.

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