Lupin = Gokai & Pat = Deka?

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Lupin = Gokai & Pat = Deka?

Post by Zenuku5 »

I can't be the only one who noticed all the similarities, right? As a note just watched the first episode and while before I can't say I QUITE had the feeling of Gokaiger from the Lupinrangers, I do now. And if you HAVEN'T watched yet, and don't want spoilers, DON'T KEEP READING! GO WATCH THE EPISODE!

Both teams, from what I've seen thus far, feel VERY much like dialed back smaller time versions of those past sentai. Not that this is a bad thing, before anyone takes my comparison as any such criticism. Honestly I really like it and it makes me excited to see more of this. One of my favorite Gokaiger episodes in fact WAS Episode 5, Judgement Pirates, featuring the Dekarangers. This one episode feels a little like if you took that and placed two new lower level sentais and had them battling it out over the course of, hopefully, MOST of a series before we inevitably get something forcing them to join forces.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I am going to explain the similarities I see, so please bear with me.

Taking away the cape, the Lupinranger's 'base suit' is REMARKABLY similar to the Gokaiger's coat style suit. The transformation sequence also bears very definite similarities between the two. As I said though, they feel a bit 'lower level' than our planet spanning pirates stealing treasures from an evil galactic empire and honestly appear more nobly motivated than various ideas of revenge, or 'justice', in that they have an as yet unknown wish and are basically doing a job for this guy in collecting his treasures back for him. They're basically hired thieves, as opposed to the more self-motivated and driven pirates, but that isn't a bad thing. It allows the potential for some depth into their personal reasons and motivations. For now it's less 'personal' to them. Gear wise they are also several levels lower as obviously they DON'T get to just change forms to past sentai. But the Phantom Thieves share a remarkable amount of similarities to those unbelievable rogues.

On the matter of Patranger and Dekaranger, the similarities in their suits is more limited to the blatant return of the 'badge squarely on the forehead'. But I will admit the uniforms for when they aren't transformed, ableit in a more vague sense, remind me of the Dekaranger's uniforms. Generally these guys feel VASTLY lower leveled than the Dekarangers on the grounds of they feel almost more like beat cops, 'patrol officers' versus dekaranger who were more akin to detectives. Of course it's only the first episode which spent more time on the Lupinrangers, and they literally just GOT their henshin devices, so they get a bit of leeway on the level gap. This group from what little has been shown thus far feel very down to earth, even almost a little lackadaisical, unlike the serious and driven Special Police Dekaranger. Which brings me to another unique link. Their organization is the Global Special Police Organization...suggesting they are indeed 'localized' to Earth, in this case the japanese branch. And as a side note, the Red reminds me of Genpachi from Kamen Rider Drive. Just something similar about their facial structures and hair styles and the fact that both DRESS like typical 'gumshoe' types!

With all their similarities out of the way, I have just three things to, anybody have anything they feel like adding?

Two, just how wrong, but oh so awesome, would it be to have a pair of episodes where a member from each of the aformentioned 'senior' sentai got to show up to almost help mentor their new initiates? I liked those episodes of Ninninger where we got to see past 'ninja' showing up, so I might just be projecting.

And only occured to me when someone in the main episode 1 thread mentioned it, but I just noticed that while Lupinranger have black accents, Patranger have white in a visual counterbalance...huh.
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Re: Lupin = Gokai & Pat = Deka?

Post by Lunagel »

I just want to point out that the "Global" part is just what the show creators chose as a name in English. The Japanese word is actually closer to "international", so it has no implication of other worlds.
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Re: Lupin = Gokai & Pat = Deka?

Post by Catastrophe »

I mean, Pirates and Phantom Thieves are both thieves and DekaRangers and PatRangers are both police. It's a fairly obvious comparison.
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Re: Lupin = Gokai & Pat = Deka?

Post by kangchan »

From some information I read at time Zyuohger on aired, Arakawa Naruhisa is mentor of Koumura Junko. He's also help his student to write some ep of Zyuohger. Junko also debuted her writing in Sentai is Go-Onger episode 20 (co-write with Arakawa Naruhisa) and movie Go-onger VS Gekiranger (co-write Arakawa Naruhisa). She's also second-writer of Gokaiger.

So when you feel Lupinranger = Gokaiger, Patranger = Dekaranger, it's not strange to me.
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Re: Lupin = Gokai & Pat = Deka?

Post by Renigami »

dialed back smaller time versions of those past sentai
The respective colors also mirror Mirai Sentai Timeranger, since we are looking for direct comparisons!

Two reds, one is more red and white and the other red and black.
There is a pink, green, yellow, and blue.
Their helmets closely resemble the arrows in shape of points, square-ish, and a curve of a heart.
There is the jets.

The mecha in summoning also gives cues to Go-onger too without the faces.
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Re: Lupin = Gokai & Pat = Deka?

Post by lostinbrave »

I was noting Lupin rangers costume stylization was similar to Goranger, and Patrangers was similar to JAKQ.
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