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Re: Poll: What's your opinion of Lupin VS Pat?

Post by midorininger » Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:43 pm

i have to give it a 5 as its very deep. Kaito has a good reason to achieve their goals, plus their mentor wreaks of mentor betrayal. but alos they are very complicated as they cant work with the steadfast police team. the patrangers at first i didnt like, i felt they were the "korean knock off" Dekaranger, but Tsukasa is an awesome pink. Keichiro is somewhat redeemable. Sakuya, makes for great comic relieve. But Kaito shine, great costumes, semi mysterious personalities, fell into the roles, those capes, fantastic role call, Yellow suit actor is tops, Heroes who shouldnt be heroes is neat, and despite the usual Sentai were all heroes so lets work together ideal, they are breaking away from that. Kaito isnt an evil sentai team, but they should be viewed as Heroes, akinb to how Gokaiger are pirates first. but theyre still heroes. i cant wait to see where the story goes, and what the fate of the Kaito team will be once the boss Ganglar is defeated.

id personally like to see a Boukenger cross over movie, in which a Lupin collection piece is mistaken for a precious. Dekaranger or Gokaiger would be too obvious, but a Go-Busters cross over could be neat somehow.

Finally, its something thats still be worked on but it seem the patranger team has something of an opinion on the Kaito team, and havent quite settled on a final judgement of them as far as their morals go. so im curious where that is going as well.
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