Lupin VS Pat Girlfriends Army Released!

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Lupin VS Pat Girlfriends Army Released!

Post by takenoko »


Always glad to see Umika and Tsukasa taking the spotlight. Easily my favorite characters in general. Just fun in general. No complaints here.

Kids, today's word of the day is:

Can you say it with me?

Let's use it in a sentence.

"Tsukasa-oneechan is a plushophile."

Very good!
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Re: Lupin VS Pat Girlfriends Army Released!

Post by Lunagel »

Cute and sweet, nothing new but still a fun little video. We don't get enough girl power episodes recently, so this was nice.
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Re: Lupin VS Pat Girlfriends Army Released!

Post by Catastrophe »

They way it comes across in series, it wouldn't surprise me if Tsukasa was actually a plushophile.
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Re: Lupin VS Pat Girlfriends Army Released!

Post by scot64 »

Very refreshing to see this mini episode. It is like a episode 13 part 2
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Re: Lupin VS Pat Girlfriends Army Released!

Post by resop2 »

I don't think that Tsukasa-san is a Plushophile since she was willing to put her own plushies at risk to kill the MOTW.

It's a good thing that the kid wasn't in an episode where she would have seen and heard Karai and Lupin Red. She would have dimed him out so fast it would not have been funny (since Karai can't be bothered to change his speech habits or teasing habits when he transforms).

I think the endgame will be that several episodes before the blow off reveal, Tsukasa will find out about Umika being Lupin Yellow, but Umika will convince her that the Pats need the Lupins to steal the collection piece of a troublesome MOTW so she should put off revealing this.
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Re: Lupin VS Pat Girlfriends Army Released!

Post by CheetahLynx »

This Week's Lupin Collection
Today's Collection item is called Kumamu/Kumamu.
I allows the user to... hmmm... It has no power.
It resembles a stuffed bear from... some Sentai?

Wait... What do you mean thet bear isn't part of the collection?
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