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Princess Jellyfish 08 released

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 10:13 am
by takenoko
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Alt title - My Name is Mr. Fish

Last week's ratings: 4.33 (3 votes)

Kind of a messy episode, with all the things that happen. There's some good moments though.

Izumi Rika is in top form again this week. She is the villainess we need. Those days of Dark Mercury was but training for this role.

Way to go Youko (Shuu's mom)!

Kind of sad to see the Ama~s turn their backs on Tsukimi. Because of this, I was thinking about the characters in general. They're not role models and they're not supposed to be people we look up to. But we root for them because they're the underdogs. They're rejects of society and they find comfort in each other's company. And really, all they want in the end is a place to live, right?

It was touching to see the Ama~s go on TV, but man are they lucky that Tsukimi decided to tune in at that time.

It's amazing that A) Shuu proposes to Tsukimi before getting her cellphone number and B) Tsukimi doesn't have a cellphone.

Re: Princess Jellyfish 08 released

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 11:44 pm
by hush
I guess packing the entirety of the manga run into 10 episodes makes for a bit of a mess, but it is still pretty coherent. Actually, a lot more coherent than I expected. I think that Kai Fish is the main victim of the condensed pace, but I don't have any ideas how they could have done any better at inserting a new antagonist after the halfway point. Traditional Japanese TV seasons have their drawbacks when it comes to dramatizing manga with multiyear runs.

Watching Yoshine's Tsukimi develop in response to the catalyst presented by Seto's Kuranosuke/Kurako has been rewarding. This was highlighted in the shower scene. (Yes, it was exactly the content that the viewers wanted, and the gif of Tsukimi's bloody nose definitely made the social media rounds. I figure it will become a classic.) But what really stays in my mind is how well they conveyed the sense that, in that moment, the characters were beginning to change positions, that it was Tsukimi who was becoming confident while Kuranosuke was falling back into a broken little boy.

Re: Princess Jellyfish 08 released

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:51 am
by takenoko
Huh, that is an interesting reversal of roles. She's also the one who lies to his face about not missing the Ama~s, when she couldn't even look him in the eye or speak without stuttering in episode one. How our girl's grown!