is this series worth it?

It's pronounced Ji Oh. AKA Kamen Rider Double Decade
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is this series worth it?

Post by Sinkuu »

I'm not trying to flame, but if needs to be deleted, I understand.

I watched the first few eps, and.... I couldn't get into it.

I felt like they were just wasting all the cameos, and it wasn't holding my attention. I delved into the end of LupinPat, and now, Ryusoul. also decided to start watching MagiRanger, finally.

With 01 coming, I wanna know if it's worth trying to binge the series and catch up.

again, not trying to troll, I'm legit asking, I wanna know if the show picked up steam and turned things around.
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Re: is this series worth it?

Post by Lunagel »

I think the answer is a resounding "Ehhhhhh"
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Re: is this series worth it?

Post by ViRGE »

To be fair, it gets better after the first 12 episodes. Up until then, the series is definitely a mess as it's rushing to get toys out and hasn't yet figured out how it wants to do its nostalgia. After that, the plot starts to get nailed down and things get better. Not great, but better.
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Re: is this series worth it?

Post by Catastrophe »

I'd say not really. As far as we've gotten, other than the Agito arc, it hasn't really done anything well.

The early arc cameos aren't used to their fullest and time travel aspects are non sensical. Like most recent rider shows, it picks up a little after the first quarter, but I think the general consensus is that the characters fall flat and don't really carry the show that well. The last batch of rider cameos are better than the first (still with varying quality).
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Re: is this series worth it?

Post by Kurokage X »

I say not really
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Re: is this series worth it?

Post by Kamen Rider Raven »

As we're closer to end I'd say.....ehhhhh. It's not terrible, but it's not great either. It's an anniversary series but I feel they spend too much time on the past riders at the expense of the current story. The episodes where they actually focus on the story tend to be good, but then you get frustrated when you see the potential the series had. As of now, there are five episodes left and without spoiling anything, I can say that they introduce elements that would have been better introduced the first ten episodes or so.

It seems like the story might wrap up nicely, but an excellent final few episodes doesn't make up for a meh season.
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Re: is this series worth it?

Post by KRDangerousZombie »

I think i'm a biiiiit more positive towards this show than most here. It definitely has a VERY rocky start and it takes maybe 8-10 episodes before we start getting (imo) passable-good episodes and it does vary WILDLY in quality throughout but overall i think it's worth a watch in spite of these problems. There are enough episodes in this show that had me fist pumping the air because of the awesome that i feel it outweighs the rough start and the quality dips. Is it a 10/10 series like W that i would recommend everyone watch? Absolutely not. Is it Kiva or Blade levels of screaming into a pillow in rage basically every episode? Not even close.

I feel like the biggest upswings are around 8-19 being overall good episodes (admittedly with some questionable moments) then another dip until 28 which is possibly the best episode of the show and from that point on it's almost all in various levels of decent-great for me other than the 2nd half of the kiva tribute, that episode is utter dogshit.
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Re: is this series worth it?

Post by takenoko »

You know what, I'd say check it out. If the episode's not grabbing you, just skip it and move on to the next one. There's definitely good stuff here, if you dig for it.
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