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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by decade368990 »

My vote for the series is 3 out of 5 after watching the final episode last night. My final verdict is not bad at all and yet can be painful at times.

It's great to see Takahashi Yuya did offer something that doesn't totally replicate the formula of the previous Riders. Like the doesn't have to be only the enemy to deal with throughout the series. Then, ZAIA rose to power to challenge Hiden Intelligence, which is fine idea. Unfortunately, Takahashi Yuya made some mistakes in the execution. The 10 episodes arc is too filler, only focusing on ZAIA VS Hiden while Horobi was a sitting duck until being rescued. It's very unnecessary to spend 3 episodes just to make the official debut of the Metal Cluster Hopper form. Komiya Arisa's guest appearance basically turned from great to wasted.

Takahashi could have had Amatsu Gai wanting a big bad agenda than just ZAIA VS Hiden. Also the entire team assembled by episode 28. so that Ark could debut and take control of everything on episode 30.

The worst and wasted of the series are the giant robots, Giga. Same as Zi-O's Time Mazine, ok as debut appearance and as traveling transport. But very underwhelming use in the battle sequences and they're used only for 4 episodes at most. I hope Toei stops introducing these giant robots in the future series, so that we won't puke from watching these disgusting CGI animated battles.
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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by Kamen Rider Raven »

Zero One was definitely a breath of fresh air after Zi-O ended up disappointing. It had a great beginning and a satisfying finish with a pretty bland middle. The workplace competition was full of the heroes grabbing the idiot ball and Yaiba's characterization being shot to hell. The final third almost made up for it, but Covid didn't help matters any. Still, for a shortened series, they tied up what they needed to VERY well.

The fights, the characters, the story (save for one part) were all amazing. I could quite easily say that this is one of my top favorites, right up there with Kuuga, Double and Gaim.
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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by BreadToku »

I feel weird about this show, honestly. I know I like it more than I don't, yet I feel like my issues with it are going to be what sticks out in my mind in the long run because it could have easily been so much greater. I was really invested in the premise at the beginning, of these different factions of multiple main characters with differing motivations all clashing with and learning from one another, but for the most part that didn't quite play out.

I do think Aruto is a solid lead though. I genuinely always found his silly jokes and upbeat demeanour to be charming, and also always bought it when he was serious and passionate about fighting evil. It's a bit subtle through most of the series, but I really do think the show allowed him to express a wider range of emotions than most Rider leads, and that's most clearly seen during the endgame with Ark-One.

Right beside him was Izu. Honestly for a long time, I found myself disappointed with her because from the beginning, I thought we'd get a really solid and gradual development of her going from robotic secretary to acting more human and coming up with a dream of her own, that she'd act as the shining example of the show's themes. That does kinda happen but not quite as I expected. She does develop a dream, but it's one that doesn't require any change in her status quo. And she does act more outwardly human, but only at the very end (admittedly her performance in episode 40 only hits as hard because it was the first time she was expressing emotions like that). By the end, for what they did with her, I thought she was alright.

I'm sure I'm in the minority in this but I didn't really care for what the show did with Fuwa. Fuwa himself is a fine character and an admirable hero for sure, but... I really feel like the show never once properly did a character arc with him, despite them clearly trying to. He starts out the show hating humagears and thinking they should all be destroyed, right? So the obvious direction from there is that he would clash with Aruto (who believes Humagears are good) and then eventually come around to the latter's side. Except that never really happens? They never have any truly meaningful conflict because of his hatred of humagears. He was saved by that doctor humagear in episode 9, then double downs on his rage against humagears in episode 13... then nothing. He seemed to just get over his biases entirely off-screen during the competition arc. Oh yeah, and then they revealed his backstory was all a fabrication anyway at a point where it didn't matter anymore. Just a bizarre set of events all around. I have to squint my eyes in order to accept that Aruto thought him anything.

Oh my god, Yaiba though. I'm sorry, and it's not her fault, but she sucks. It's not just that she gets sidelined a lot. Most characters in this show struggle for screen-time. It's that the show went the extra mile to take what was potentially a main character and then make her entirely subservient to Thouser, and for reasons that are never explained or explored! Her big comearound when in episode 33 felt totally hollow because it's like 'you could have decided to not work with him... anytime?'. It's honestly hard to talk about anything about her beyond that though. There's a sort of idea in the beginning where she only saw humagears as tools, and then at the end of the show, she doesn't anymore. That's almost an arc, or at least it could have been.

Speaking of Thouser! ...I actually mostly tolerate him. Gai is a one-dimensional bad guy, but I don't think he was ever meant to be more than that. It's not necessarily the characters fault the show put all their fruits in his basket and leaving everyone else to dry. The strange attempt at 'correction' afterwards where they just had everyone taking turns to beat him up, while fun to watch, didn't actually fix anything about him or the story's inability to address how he was still in power. Also his 'redemption' was garbage. I can't even think of him as an actual 'character', his entire personality and motivations at any given time were just tools for the show to affect other characters. I'm just kinda sad about him now.

Jin confuses me. First of all, was his actor just unavailable during that middle stretch? Obviously he was always meant to come back after his first 'death', but it's still really strange how he was just completely absent for ten episodes. Anyway, I have similar problems with him like I did with Fuwa. There's obvious character development to be had, a humagear who is taught only to hate humans, but then realises that doesn't need to be the case. Except to an even greater extent than Fuwa... We don't actually get to see any of that development. He's gone, and then when he inexplicably comes back, he's basically an entirely new person. Also he barely does anything once he does come back. I figured his newfound ideals of wanting to protect humagears without killing humans would have him conflict with Horobi, and that does happen... once, for like half an episode. Otherwise, he just barely interacted enough with Aruto to consider that a friendship.

Horobi himself I like, though I have to admit that's mostly because there isn't much to him. For 90% of the show, he is just a cool villain who says cool lines and gets into cool fights. No depth to be found here, but I never really needed or expected more from him? His character only starts to have depth in the final stretch of plot and... it was a decent plot, I think. Him being afraid and then accepting of the emotions in him that contradict his goal, and how that has him come to blows with Aruto, it's sufficiently nice.

I may as well mention the other half of metsubojinrai. I'm gonna be frank, I don't think they ever should have had more than two members. Ikazuchi straight-up never needed to exist. His role as MOTW back in episode 13 should have just been the Dodo Magear making one last reach for glory. And blowing up the Ark could have gone to... any of the other characters who desperately needed screentime. Naki meanwhile, had a solid-enough character arc that centered around Fuwa and Gai and concluded when the former two worked together to beat up Thouser. The association with metsubojinrai never brought anything to the character, and if anything only made their arc more confusing. I thought they were solid with Fuwa already, but then they went and just hung out with the Ark anyway for the next ten episodes...

The Ark is not a character. I'm really happy when they pulled a fast one and he ended up not being the final boss after all, and we got a much more emotional and personal conflict for the endgame.

Sooooo, yeah. I just complained a whole lot about a show I claim to like. I just think these flaws are extremely unfortunate, and not even the kind of thing that was due to the pandemic-forced hiatus. Most of my above thoughts were present long before the hiatus, and I really don't think an extra month's worth of episodes could have greatly turned around any of my deeper issues with Zero-One. But I mean, I stuck with it all the way? The highs, the climaxes and fights were incredible, way more so than the average toku show I feel. The core ideas were all good and the actors really pulled off a lot of great performances. Much like Zi-O, I'm only this 'disappointed' because Zero-One got me to care so much in the first place, which is definitely better than if the show had left me feeling ambivalent by the end. I like this show, I think I like a lot even, but I'll probably always think about how much more I could have liked it.
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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by takenoko »

Hey, you complain because you care right? A solid 4 out of 5 stars. I like the high highs, and the lows never get so low that they're intolerable. Most my frustrations mostly come from meta aspects of the story. Bread summarizes everything up pretty well. There's so much of this show that gets it maybe 90% there and then just falls off before reaching the finish line.

Strongest point of the show is definitely the charm of the characters. It's definitely a buttress for the weaker plots and themes. Definitely sad that the occupation competition ate up the precious time that could have been given to making all the characters more interesting.
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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by Catastrophe »

It's definitely very middling. The first arc was really strong and then it dropped off pretty quick.

Yes the characters are strong, but only when they are utilised correctly. There are large parts, especially in the competition arc where it's mostly Aruto and Gai and nobody else gets to do anything. And then towards the end, after Fuwa goes to visit his family, he doesn't really do anything for the rest of the series.

I think Zero-Ones biggest issue is Gai. He was propped up as the primary antagonist for far too long, given that MCH was beating him for a number of episodes. He also only managed to get away with his schemes because everyone else seemed to become very stupid when he was in the room. I mean, how is him putting zetsumerisers on humagears in front of witnesses not ever called out? He just feels like a poor mans Kuroto Dan. It's a shame he never really did anything once he became good because he was far more enjoyable then.

Takahashi's flaws as a writer are something I've been very vocal about, but Zero-Ones issues are different from Ex-Aids. Ex-Aid had some really weak characters and a shitty start, but did get better as it went on. This was the opposite.

I did enjoy all the costumes and the fight scenes were pretty tight. Poor 02 got shafted hard usage wise. Horobi was my favourite character. I feel like his limited usage early on was good because he seemed like a credible threat, and Aruto never actually beat him until the final episode.

My opinion might change over time. I'm much less harsh on Ex-Aid then I used to be. I guess its more frustration on how much potential the series could have had but didn't capitalise on.
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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by Ashki »

Being a parent trying to keep their child on the right path and safe from harm this year, I found Zero-One's beginnings to be almost prophetic. I'll touch on that at the end, though.

The characters... So much improvement in this series. Aruto is the young boy with a non-human father who suddenly gets thrust into a major position. As with so many other Riders, he "wants to see people smile", but his memory of his father dying to save him and the shared vision of living in harmony with the Humagear keep him from running away from this newfound responsibility. The character has time to live, love, and lose. The actor was brilliant, and you really can believe Aruto's dedication and the agony of losing the one person he loved the most.

Izu wasn't my favourite character, but the actress did an amazing job. It really never hits you just how much she's grown until the moment she cries. Again, amazing writing and acting.

Jin went from being perhaps my least favourite to the best character in the show. I can't praise the actor enough for the range he pulled off. And yet I have to give similar props to Horobi and his actor for the exact opposite. It's tough to pull off a character that's essentially an otaku (in the Japanese sense of the word).

My only regrets with Gai is we didn't get an Ex-Aid crossover. Seeing Mr. 1000 butting egos with the zombie god would have really been great. Fuwa was underused, but I can picture him being the subject of much fan fiction. Obviously, he now can return to his family, and I've no doubt he'll regain the ability to transform in time.

Yaiba was the biggest disappointment. She spent so much of the show without a personality, and we can only pretend that had to do with the chip in her head, since it was used to control her later in the show. But once her personality broke, I really started liking her. I'm still hoping she gets with Fuwa down the road, as they make a cute couple.

The VP's snivelling and scheming made him feel shallow, but as time went on and we learned he was really trying to look out for the employees the whole time, the character also began to grow on me. It doesn't hurt that he was the reason we got to see Siesta. That's definitely my Humagear bride right there.

The story dipped pretty bad during the takeover arc, and that was felt even more when covid hit and we lost 5 episodes of runtime. But in the end, the series was quite well written and I'm glad they tried to do something plot-related during the break, even if it could easily be passed on without hurting the main story.

But what makes me love this show the most is the maturity in which the themes were handled. There's so much to process and so much relevance to what's going on right now, and yet the show started months prior to the real life parallels.

*** Skip this bit if you don't want some truly heartfelt comments ****
When this show started off, it seemed like it was the big AI dilemma. But when we look at the themes, there are way too many parallels to what my family and the country I live in have suffered this year. You have a group of Humagear that proclaim they want what's best for all Humagear, yet they manipulate and outright kill Humagear to get their way. The humans see them as terrorists, and they see themselves as liberators. Meanwhile, the Humagear are stuck in the middle, not knowing if they'll be be killed and which side will be the ones to do it.

The naming of Daybreak really hit home as well. It was a city where humans and Humagear would live in perfect harmony, only to be destroyed by It parallels MLK's dream of the Bright Daybreak and the recent dismantling of the civil rights movement with terrifying accuracy. And Aruto, having an adopted Humagear father who raised him and saved his life reminds me a lot of my own family, and how our physical differences never mattered to us.

We also have a lot of parallels to real life factions. Aruto believes humans and Humagear are equals. Fuwa and later Gai believed Humagear should be destroyed because they're dangerous. Yaiba believed they existed just to be used, only to find out she was the one being used all along. And then there's MJN, who will stop at nothing to liberate the Humagear, even if it means killing them in the process. Jin breaks away from these warped ideals after his body's initial deestruction, realising he'd been hurting the very Humagear he'd thought he was saving, and came back only to be caught between protecting his father and protecting the rights of Humagear to choose their own dreams alongside Aruto.

The middle part where Gai would intentionally corrupt Humagear just to prove they were evil and had to be destroyed also hit close to home. My son has to deal with bullying because his skin is both too light and too dark to be accepted. Seeing the way Gai made use of the anger in Humagear to cause relations between Human and Humagear to break down mirrored many of the events my family has endured these past few months.

But the ending... The message that anger and loss can make even the most loving of people into monsters and that the only way to truly let go is to sacrifice that anger to the understanding that everyone has lost someone or something important to them and everyone is suffering in some way. Aruto's anger was real and understandable, but it didn't justify hating Horobi whom he'd trusted and was betrayed by. And Horobi's anger at seeing some Humagear mistreated at the hands of Humans was understandable, but it also blinded him to all of the Humagear who were genuinely loved and treated as equals. And after he betrayed Aruto, he was shocked to have Aruto betray him in return, but it took Aruto letting go to make him realise his own anger wasn't justified. Hating all humans for the actions of a few was wrong, and hating all Humagear for the actions of a few was equally wrong.

In the end, Human and Humagear once again strove to be equals. And yet we see that there will always be someone who wants to break that peace.

Of all the shows to watch with my son, this is the single most important one. It teaches him that it's wrong to hate someone because they're different, or to stereotype an entire group because to the actions of a few. With him getting close to becoming a teenager, hearing that kids his own age are being shot and killed, and dealing with bullying at school because of his ethnic background has been really hard on him. And our family has dealt with numerous threats and abuse, yet we have kept to the same path as Aruto. Being able to sit down with my son as a family, watch this show and discuss why segregation and blaming the many for the actions of a few has been a godsend.

He's able to sit here, thanks to T-N's efforts and see all of the different viewpoints played out. He gets to ask questions about why a character acts or says the things they do. He gets to see how even the worst person can be redeemed if they allow themselves to admit they're capable of love. And while Gai is a terrible role model, seeing how this bully was pushed around and neglected by his father and how he really spent all this time trying to gain the acceptance he'd never be given has really helped him to understand that some people have stories behind their actions and understanding why they're bullies can help you find the good in those people.

Seeing the takeover arc end in the segregation of Humans and Humagear because Humans had been manipulated into thinking all Humagear were evil allowed for discussion of Detroit, with the physically segregated neighbourhoods and people carrying guns. It allowed us to talk about how fact checking is important and to never believe something someone tells you until you've checked the facts, because it only takes a few words to completely change truth into a dangerous lie. And it allowed us to talk about how peaceful people can be tricked into turning against their own morals under the right circumstances. Yes, the arc was dull and overstayed its welcome, but each story brought more to that discussion table.

*** Okay, it's safe now ***

Back in the Showa era, it was very common for parents to watch Super Sentai or Kamen Rider with their kids. Talking about Go Yellow or Jet Black, for example, was one of the great things about tokusatsu. The Heisei era dumbed a lot of these harsher topics down due to complaints. And while I'm worried (like so many others) about the direction Saber will go, Zero-One was incredibly impactful and stands out as one of the best family toku series for discussing difficult real-life topics to kids. It's given my family hope and brought us closer together.

In the end, that's what a family-friendly series is supposed to do. And it may well be my absolute favourite Kamen Rider series now despite some hiccups here and there. 5/5 for the whole series, and I'm looking forward to the movie epilogue.
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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by Aeikozz »

this sucks cause never in my life have i felt that an ending destroyed a series accept maybe hibiki but that's cause something happened mid way through. and it seems this is the case for zero one. That ending is unacceptable and feels like such a let down. it litterly obliterates the entire story.

worst kamen rider ever.
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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by Catastrophe »

I wouldn't say worst when Wizard and Ghost exist, but dropping the ball so badly over the course of the series defiantly does leave a sour taste in the mouth.
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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by Icingdeth »

Overall I think this was a good series but I give it 4 out of 5 because the middle of the show had little to no actual growth for the characters. IMO the worst story arc is the occupation competition because what would have been a great time for character growth got invaded by an asinine competition that in the end served to do nothing but set Gai up to be the bad guy(though thank the heavens he did not turn out to be the final villain.) Ark was a throw-away character and pretty much could not have even appeared and I feel like the show would have been the same.

Given all these complaints I would still have to say that this was a great show and I can't wait to see what else the Reiwa Riders will have to offer us. I have high hopes for Saber and just hope it doesn't get too gimmicky.
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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by Kurow »

The show was a 3.5 for me. It is barely ok for a "reset/reboot" series.

The good

Great actors. My favorites were Izu and Horobi. Horobi suffered the same fate that Kaito from Gaim, the actor is so good but the character is not that good. Horobi deserved a better character for sure.

The first female kamen rider that is almost a main character however she has a lot of emotional issues and wasn't too interesting but at least she was an active character and she didn't die.

The costumes and special effects look so great and more "real" in this show. Every single year they look better and that is always good.

The bad

The story. They wasted like 20 episodes on Thouser being defeated every single week. They also didn't have backup of the human gears at the first part of the show then the used backups at the second part but at the very end they didn't backup Izu????? What are you serious? and you are president of the human gear company????....

The characters changing sides every single week was really annoying specially Horobi who wanted to save/destroy humanity every 5 seconds.

Overall I think this is barely "ok" as a series that starts a new era/cycle of kamen rider.

Should you watch this show as your first kamen rider series? the answer is "NO!" the shows from the Heisei era are way better. This one could give the impression that the kamen rider series are "not so good" when there are better shows in the Heisei era.
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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by Xivitai »

It's fine series.
I have only two complaints.
One, there is no proper final form (02 looks like an early-mid season upgrade like Shining Hopper and is kind of lacking compared to MetalCluster Hopper).
Two, Thouser. He is quite a one-dimensional villain and there and he became new Ryugen - did a lot of crap and not suffering any punishment as a result of his actions (Gai did A LOT of crap both on and off-screen and what he got for it? He got demoted, while he should be rotting behind bars at very least).
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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by sdsichero »

It was good, but not great.

Wish they did more with Fuwa and Yaiba, especially in suit. For some reason, it feels like they were under ultilized.

Thank you for doing the hard work of putting the episodes out and subbing them. It's appreciated.
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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by Catastrophe »

Something interesting I came across is that Sabers suit actor is Vulcans, not Zero-Ones and the Blue Lion one whos name I don't know is Eitoku , and that filming for both had some significant overlap at the end due to the production delays. Would explain why Fuwa and Jin didn't really do much towards the end.
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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by Kurokage X »

For a start in Reiwa, Zero One is a good start

Plot is fine, till we get to the work competition where it just slogged. It certainly picked up after that arc but soon Covid happened but I feel like it did well with the limited time frame they were forced to use.

Characters are great. Aruto neat, Fuwa is thumbs up, Yua is a bit of a disappointment. the metsubojinrai members are a great watch especially for the limited time we saw him Raiden. Horobi was interesting as from a no nonsense humagear to having some semblance of a heart, his son Jin though. He's fine but still feels off. Gai, boy he was something. The golden 1000 man while I did not like as a person, as a character he does a good job at selling as a villain though I think maybe too successful.

Suits: Interesting mixes so you can tell which rider belong to which factions though there's too fucking many belts it's almost sickening. The action was awesome, then again having a suit actor as the fight director helps.

Overall: Great time but with some wrinkles. 4/5
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Re: Zero-One series discussion and poll

Post by resop2 »

A late thought: could you imagine how disturbing Zero-One would have been if the humageers did not transform into combatants when they became corrupted? Obviously, since this is kid's show they couldn't do that, but the image of a Kamen Rider destroying all these fighters who look like humans would have been pretty hard core.
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