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KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by takenoko »

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Last Zi-O rating: 3.03 / 5 (35 votes)

Alt Title: Rise up!

You know what, I kind of liked it. Whereas Ex-Aid never seemed to find a good balance between the comedy and the drama, this actually feels like it walks that line really well.

Is he doing mantis style against a mantis enemy?

The main character isn't overly annoying from the get go, and I actually find him grounded as a person enough to find him relatable. The stuff with the amusement park guy wanting to make people smile, good pathos without it coming off as overly saccharine or kiddy.

Kry's taking over translation for this series, I think he's doing a pretty great job so far. Hope we can continue collaborating in the future!

I hate most episode 1's, but this one hooked me. The music in particularly felt very good? But the world building is nice, the designs are good and there's good effects and action. Again, the comedic bits don't interfere with the dramatic parts. 5/5 really good start.

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Re: KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by CheetahLynx »

It might be something on my end, but the 720p release doesn't seem to have audio...
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Re: KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by stardrago »

Well its great the first episode has been released, although I wonder if you can make a v2 though; like isn't the Humagear that are hacked supposed to be known as 'Magia', like the Key used by Taro was read as Berotha Magia. Also, why wasn't the video for the Transformation Course that was out not included as well?
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Re: KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by Doublesteel »

Loving the cinematography, for some reason It feels more polished and "pretty". Music is good and the story seams to have lots of stuff to look out for on rewatch for when the series ends.

Now the comedy on the other hand... uh, not my cup of tea.
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Re: KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by FlutterGuy98 »

CheetahLynx wrote: Sat Sep 07, 2019 9:59 pm It might be something on my end, but the 720p release doesn't seem to have audio...
I've also had that problem.
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Re: KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by Connie_Edogawa »

some of the comedy wasn't really my thing. like, Zero-One getting smacked in the face with his attache case sword or rolling his ankle on the landing were great, but Aruto's standup just isn't doing it for me. it's weird. when he tries to look silly, he looks absolutely ridiculous, but he actually looked kinda cool when he needed to look serious.

the standup isn't enough to be a big distraction, but it does lower this to merely a 4/5 for me. I'm looking forward to learning more about the hints they're dropping for stuff that happened in the past.
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Re: KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by CheetahLynx »


Cool bulding yo.

Is an android ejcting his abs via flex really that funny, or are the Japanese people that easily amused.

So this man decided put his grandson in charge after his death, without consulting him, completely disregading his vocational choices... I guess I'll let that slide, considering there's probably less capable peope running more important businesses in real life *shrugs*

So this year's female supporting character is an AI, which makes me want to make ajoke about the people who watch these shows and whose ages are into double digits. But I'll refrain 'cause I don't want to cause self-harm to my already affected self-esteem.

I think Aruto will fit into his new role pretty well, considering the first thing he did as president was shut up a whole board of directors... I don't know if this line of text is funny but there you go.

Something tells me I'm really going to hate the vice-president guy as a person. He's punchable IMO.

I don't know about he rest of yous, but I think the suit's pretty nice, especially in action. And the holographic hopper filling in the color bits on the suit was also pretty cool.

Work on your landings Aruto...

5/5 High expectations. Rad setting. Please have a cool opening.

P.S. I wound up watching the FullHD release but please check the 720. Thank you.
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Re: KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by darkmage02 »

I haven't felt this hyped up watching a series premiere for a KR in a long, long time! This is a solid Episode 1 that Toei has done in a long, long time.

I really find Aruto likeable and relatable. He's someone who's trying to put his dark past behind by making people smile. There's something very grounded and realistic in that. Albeit not wanting to be President at first, he now sees it as another means to keep on making people smile. He's also stupidly funny, and his stumbles in catching his gear and landing his kick cracked me up.

The pacing of this episode felt particularly good too. KR have a history of rushing through episode 1 to get the main guy into transforming, but here the setup of Aruto becoming a Rider felt very well planned and written. We get to learn abit more of his dreams, what motivates him, and a glance at his tragic past while at the same time setting up this modern post-AI world. A big plus point for having Aruto learning the tutorial on how to use his suit, something that we don't see in past KR series. Typically the hero somehow already know how to use all his powers even tho it's the first transformation....

As for the suit, I will admit I wasn't really fond of that yellow-ish neon armour plate but maybe I will grow to like it in the coming episodes. Will have to wait and see. The transformation scene is dope as fuck tho. The fights are pretty well choreographed, a good blend of action & CGI. And that finishing Rider Kick is one of the coolest for a base form I've seen in recent years, ever since Drive's Type Speed finisher.

The Vice-President seemed like a dickhead at first, but I have a feeling he will slowly become a comic relief and possibly an ally. For now, he's asking for a Rider kick in the face lol.

I'm excited with the introduction of Isamu and Yaiba, and even more excited to see Yaiba becoming a proper female Kamen Rider that's also the third Rider of the series. Here's to hoping this is a step of Toei not hating women that much.

Like Take said, the episode walks a really fine line between its drama & comedy, something that I really appreciate. I have really high hopes going into the rest of the series now, and let Zero-One be a great start to the Reiwa era Riders.

A 5/5 for me.
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Re: KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by Dengar »

I approve of the rider kick.
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Re: KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by satoman »

01 Rider looks like Donnie Darko's Frank, the highlighter sharpie version. Nice first ep, let's see how it develops.
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Re: KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by TokuCasual »

Among the best debut, if not the best 1st ep for me. I enjoyed pretty much everything about this. The plot, characters, set-ups, pacing. The soundtrack is great as well.

While the episode pack in a lot of information, it didn't feel rush. They found the right balance. Not shoving gimmicks and toys down your throat is nice too.

The main character is bad at comedy, but he's supposed to be, and when he gets serious, he's all business. Out of the gate, his introductory mini-arc goes full circle. Dream to make people laugh, fail, finds another path to the same dream.

Also, the belt was 3d printed. That's awesome! I'm super excited to see where this is going. It's been a while since I enjoyed a Rider show.

And how could I forget, he got a tutorial!

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Re: KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by Kogashi »

This is a solid first episode, nice introduction to the main cast, setting up of mysteries they can flesh out and tease through out the series assuming they do not burn themselves out too quickly, the Rider suit still looks damn good. The main enemies despite being human looking are established real quick as a threat in this robot world (GUN). And I am always a sucker for that, aesthetic touch of having the letters/characters of a move's name flashing on the screen before seeing the result of the hit...

Though, I realize it is unfair, but I look at this show, it's synopsis, and I cannot help but sigh, looking off to the distance, and say to the winds of time. "...yea... I miss Bubblegum Crisis too."
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Re: KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by BreadToku »

I know it's easy to get caught up in the hype of something that's brand new, but I am completely caught in it because I really loved this premiere and am ready to get invested in the next year for all the good and bad that's to come.

I've already taken a liking to our main character, for similar reasons as others in the thread have said. From his failed attempts at stand-up, and his detached feelings towards his grandfather's company at first, and then the hints of his past to his resolution as a rider. It was all done very well in my opinion and made for a very satisfying complete story in a single episode.

Of course there's also a ton of set-up for many other elements and characters that I'm interested in. I especially kinda hope that our leading lady will have a decent character arc of developing her own will or something. I know that's standard fictional robot-fare, but after the previous series handling of Tsukiyomi, I'll take something standard over nothing.

I thought the action in this was top-notch. I know it's typical for the budget to go big early on in these shows, but something about this felt way more bombastic than even the first episodes of Build, Ex-Aid or... any other season really! The CGI was a little rough, but I'm in love with that whole sequence of Zero One dashing through the bus, not to mention that Rising Impact!

So yeah, I'm absolutely hooked and I really hope the show continue to impress.
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Re: KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by Deadrider50 »

Zero One First Episode was cool and awesome. Love the way Toei made this series' main antagonist are terrorists. And Aruto was the funniest MC in the whole franchises. What bugs me is, the first enemy this time (in Reiwa era) are not "spiders" motif, but an extinct mantis species. Ok, that's break a whole tradition. But who am I to complain, I hate spiders anyway.

The Zero One Suit's design looks cool to me. The effects (Zero One suit's cyber effects) kinda reminds me back from Ultraman X which used the same cyber digital effects style

And I just want to say something to Aruto: Ichigo and Kuuga are so disappointed in you man. You'd learned a whole tutorial mode but can't even do a good landing after performing a finisher ? Ok that's really FUNNY!!! :lol: :lol:

By the way, are you guys gonna include the Transformation Lesson in this video ??? Just asking.

Finally, great job TV-Nihon Crews and thank you. IWAE!!!! For the new Era has started
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Re: KR Zero-One 01 released

Post by HowlingSnail »

That was definitely enjoyable, although granted it's hard to get a real idea for a show based on the first episode. That said, it didn't make me angry like Zi-O's first episode did, so that's a plus. I can tell we're gonna get a lot of enjoyable back and forth between Yua and Isamu.
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