KR Zero-One 04 released

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Re: KR Zero-One 04 released

Post by Dengar »

takenoko wrote:
Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:31 am
ViRGE wrote:
Sun Sep 29, 2019 3:55 am
Being the dumb westerner that I am, I thought Fuwa was his given name. I'll have to make a note to stick to Yui and Isamu from here on.

I guess I'm just annoyed that no one's actually said her name so far. I get why Fuwa doesn't, since he seems like an asshole. But Aruto and Yua met several times in episode 3. And she's a Rider in this series, even if a tertiary one.
But they're not friends or even acquaintances. She represents AIMS. So it makes sense for him to say "that person from AIMS".
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Re: KR Zero-One 04 released

Post by Actar »

Wow. I am VERY impressed with KR01 Episode 4. Actual stakes, no cringy comedy or goofy editing, progression of the main story line with actual character development to boot. (O.O)

However, if there's one thing that I still don't like, it's the power-ups. I really wish there was more build-up or challenge the characters had to go through to acquire them. At least there is a diagetic reason for their ability to acquire power-ups on the fly.
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Re: KR Zero-One 04 released

Post by NightdyneMesa »

While I don't like to expect too much, this episode seems to be consistent. I like the development and the pacing of the story. I am kind of convinced that Aruto and the rest of the riders aren't humans either. This has Faiz scent all over it XD.

So much for keeping a secret, funny thing is I think Fuwa's the only one who thinks Aruto's jokes are funny. Not sure if I'd ever see Anna again, she seems to be an interesting character then again maybe it's the usual one-time thing. Looking forward to Episode 5, currently downloading as I type this.
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Re: KR Zero-One 04 released

Post by takenoko »


Not sure if anyone pointed this out earlier, but some of those logos are references to past Rider shows: ... _04#Trivia
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Re: KR Zero-One 04 released

Post by Catastrophe »

Oh shit. That's pretty neat. Totally missed that.
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