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Poll ended at Mon Apr 05, 2021 7:10 pm

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Re: Kiramager series discussion and poll

Post by Kuchiri »

This series proves that Toei can still do a normal sentai right. It may take me a bit to think if I enjoy this season because they went back to actually writing Sentai or I still have a sour taste from Ninninger/Ryusoulger that this season sparkles brightly because of how much of an improvement it was.

Lupat is still my favorite season.

I'd probably put Kiramager in my top five.
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Re: Kiramager series discussion and poll

Post by midorininger »

Really have to say i liked this season. it felt great to watch and i liked each cast member. i felt everyone got a fair amount showcase episodes, and, HOW REFRESHING it was to have a Red that supported his team and wasnt all powerful ... despite his imagination being a deus ex machina.... but even that was acceptable. i say it was acceptable as we saw Shigeru learn from it and use it to his advantage in using his sword. shame more members didnt utitlise their kira mental though. We got to learn and see much about each member of the team, to where no one was left out. While i did miss seeing them get mid season power up mecha, i think thats only a minor draw back. really good looking suits this year too, i mean last years Ryusoulgers were good, but theres something special about the Kiramager suits. i feel like the past 3 year have had timeless suits, but these really stand out to me.

and given the pandemic i realize many things got rushed, and or maybe forgotten about plot wise, but even if we put that all aside, i felt pacing and story was much better than past years as it felt a bit more consistent. first we met the team and grew to understand the conflict. then it leads into 6th ranger and how there are other stones, some not so good, and 4 special macguffin stones, which played a role in the finale. we explore a bit of the fallen kingdoms back story, and even see a villain get some redemption, and finally, the restoration of the fallen kingdom. in fact it kind of borrowed i think some of the charm of 80's and 90s sentai. Garuza and Yodonna being akin to the genius's from liveman, being pawns for the general to power himself up or remove a potential threat. carranger in that some random alien comes down and seeks out help, Jetman, in that 5 random people are given powers to protect the world, (granted with jetman the team took forever to bond, and werent really thrilled with gaining birdtronic powers... at first. save for Ako who saw the $$$ potential) megaranger, as their silver was the original, but came in later and had a draw back, in KiramaSilvers case his Monstone. even Yodam himself, had admitted that he created friends, a thing he felt that made him weak, seemed redeemable, despite being defeated, and while i cant think of any generals off hand who redeemed themselves, Witch bandora does turn good(?) when she regains her son Kai.

ah if only we could have gotten a cross over with Toqger.....
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Re: Kiramager series discussion and poll

Post by Kurow »

Dropped this around episode 12 or 15 but after reading that people say that this is good I will give a second chance. I didn't like Lupin even when I finished it (kairi was so annoying) and didn't finished Ryusoulger because I just got bored.
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Re: Kiramager series discussion and poll

Post by Thenosa Yechette »

Kurow wrote: Fri Apr 02, 2021 5:08 am I didn't like Lupin even when I finished it (kairi was so annoying) and didn't finished Ryusoulger because I just got bored.
Lol, I agree about Kairi being annoying. I don't like him to this date. And not finishing or watching is your choice, but Ryusoulger actually had a great ending even if that it wasn't that great a season as a whole.
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