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Re: Garo -Versus Road- 12 released

Post by Mighty Action X »

Dengar wrote:
Sun Jun 28, 2020 12:12 am
I thought it was a pretty good show. Good action. The CGI fight at the end was.. It was a little wooden but the choreography was really good.

And both in-universe, and in a meta sense, this was never about Garo. For Kuon, it just was a tool to protect the memories of those who died in order for him to get there. Him leaving the sword behind is perfectly in character.

That being said, all of this feels like a prequel to something bigger. I hope we actually get that something bigger. But yeah I don't want to act like that's a sure thing now.
Hopefully there will be an actual 25 episodes series for this but I think one of their present challenge in making that a reality is that this Garo Armor is not physically existing yet.
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Re: Garo -Versus Road- 12 released

Post by NPCEnergy »

takenoko wrote:
Sat Jun 27, 2020 8:16 pm
NPCEnergy wrote:
Sat Jun 27, 2020 7:35 pm
I know this is really out of no where and not about the episode itself... but has anyone else noticed that Kanata is in both halves of the running part in the opening?

This is something I noticed in episode one, and had tried to spend time seeing if the angle we seen Kuon running [with Kanata in the background]

So I had wondered if maybe Amou's half of that part of the opening might have Kuon in his background, but my eye sight isn't great haha. I also wondered if anyone else noticed that and if it's been mentioned before.
Oh, never noticed that. But it looks more like they're running away from Horrors than charging at each other in some diametrically opposed way?
Oh, I'm sorry I worded myself terribly haha, yeah I just figured it was the moment from episode 1 where they went running out. What I had initially assumed is that each angle [Right from Kuon and Left for Amou] had different "main" characters in them. Like Kuon's angle had Hoshiai and (Kanata apparently). Basically I was wondering which main characters could be seen in those shots.
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Re: Garo -Versus Road- 12 released

Post by Ashki »

I would have given this episode a 5, but the CGI was atrocious. Not only did it make Veil and Garo look cartoony (pity, since the actual Veil costume looked amazing), but this is 2020. The CG battles in this show shouldn't look pathetic when lined up to the original series nearly 15 years older. I also saw no need for them to add a video game battleground when they could have done some live combat with the suits there on the proving grounds to far better dramatic effect.

Kuon waking away from the sword was the best possible ending. Not only did it prove he's worthy of being Garo, but it shows his heart-s in the right place. When evil rears its ugly head, I have no doubt the sword will manifest in the real world for Kuon to once again don the armour.
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Re: Garo -Versus Road- 12 released

Post by KRDangerousZombie »

I was.... majorly disappointed by the ending. It kinda felt like it let all the wind out of the sails of an otherwise great show. Especially when the last episodes really felt like this.. culmination of everything that was happening in the show. as others mentioned, the final fight having Kuon use all the signature moves of the (important) people who died was fantastic, the suit looked great, the feeling and emotion the actors put into their scenes was great, the CGI wasn't dogshit awful... it was all on the up.

I was slightly disappointed in the lack of any physical suit and it all being CG, but thematically it makes sense when it was supposedly about a VR game. I can kinda forgive that even if it's not to my taste. But Kuon wins the final fight... then AkibaBlue just yeets black cg at Veil and bye bye we done now? What even was the point of the cosplay chick existing in this show? she had like 2 lines which she repeated every couple of episodes and then we get this "ah, the AI has awakened and become sentient" thing and she FINALLY gets actual lines and she doesn't even get to finish those lines, cause she's dead now for no apparent reason. What is the point of building to someone becoming Garo for the entire show and then... nope. Walking away. I've just survived a war i didn't ask for and all my friends are dead, after I finally achieved the power to protect myself and the people i care about... but fuck that, i'm off to be a salaryman now sorrymasen. I guess it fits kuon's wishy-washy character, but then why have him be the survivor then?

I think my main problem with all of this is that the ending makes this entire show feel like a prequel or a precursor to some other show or movie we may/may not ever get in the future. AkibaBlue is still out there in the world with an indeterminate amount of black cg & Kuon could grow a pair and come back to the Garo suit. But timeline wise, all we know is it's probably post-Saejima family and possibly pre-Ryuugaverse, but it's been intentionally kept vague and our assumptions about that could be completely wrong.
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Re: Garo -Versus Road- 12 released

Post by Kurow »

No doubt that Amou was the best character from this show.

It was cool to see Kuon using the techniques of the other contenders and in some way they were fighting with him on that battle.

The ending was weak but we all know that is a open door to a possible sequel. The bad thing is that these actors were great but there is no way for them to be back in the show.

Overall a low budget and weak show but end up being decent thanks to a great cast.
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Re: Garo -Versus Road- 12 released

Post by Cross »

Does he need to take the sword though? If there's ever a second season, I'm sure the sword will just come to him when the situation calls just like how it did this episode, and imagine the troubles he'd face walking around holding that huge ass sword in the real world lol
So he walking away is a plus for me in dramatic point
O and the cg sux :mrgreen:
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Re: Garo -Versus Road- 12 released

Post by darkarmorwearer »

A couple more thoughts/points I'd like to add regarding the cg and Kuon not taking the sword.

1. The central story is set around a video game type aesthetic. I would have been totally ok with the end fight having energy bars at the top. Lol! I like the cg because of this reason.

2. Kuon already has the sword around his wrist! It carries much more power for him than the actual Garo sword.
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