What if an Undead tries to henshin?

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What if an Undead tries to henshin?

Post by ChelseaChampion » Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:58 am

With a karasuma belt system. What will happen? Early on an Undead can't seal another Undead to win the battle. So the Wolf Undead (Jack of Hearts) used Black Fang which I assumed can seal other Undead. What if he tried to take their belt and used it on himself? He will borrow the power of other Undeads. But he being an Undead, will he become sealed in the process of doing henshin? What do u think? Why didn't Isaka used Garren's power on his own but chose to manipulate him? This might be an irrelevant question but just for fun I wanna know what you guys think... :)
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