So where were all these other Riders then?

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So where were all these other Riders then?

Post by JustiFan » Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:33 pm

So I just spent the last three weeks burning through all of Hibiki. A little different from your usual Kamen Rider series, and I understand the reasons for why, but still a great show.

Before starting, I'd been reading up on the show on Wikipedia (I know I know, not always the best source of information!) and all the other Oni Riders that apparently existed. According to Wiki, there were eight other minor Riders who appeared in the show (not counting Kyousuke's Oni form in the last episode.) However I only saw four: Sabaki, Danki, Eiki and Shuki. I think Shouki may have also turned up once in his civilian form but never shown transformed.

This leaves Gouki, Touki and Banki. Where were these guys? I know it's Wikipedia but it doesn't feel like it's just pulling random Rider and weapon names out of nowhere - where does this information come from?

The second opening sequence (with the vocal theme song) also features a brief shot of several Riders standing in a line. Could the missing Riders be in there somewhere? If so, that scene never appeared inside an episode so I wonder why they would've gone to the trouble of filming it.

Would greatly appreciate some enlightenment from anybody more knowledgable about this show than myself. Many thanks in advance. :)

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Re: So where were all these other Riders then?

Post by XIII » Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:45 pm

probably were referenced at somepoint with a view to having them in the show at some point, but with the change in writers, they probably just got the boot and not given any screen time and the like
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