Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Hibiki

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What did you think about Hibiki?

☆☆☆☆☆ Hit the beat
☆☆☆☆ Trained
☆☆☆ Undecided boy
☆☆ Needs training
☆ No rhythm
Total votes: 42
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Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Post by takenoko »

What did you think about this off beat Rider series?
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Post by Catastrophe »

Was okay. I can safely say it's my least favourite rider series, but that is only because it doesn't feel like one. As a toku show, it's pretty decent.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Post by kyoichikiller90 »

3/5 to me. It got the potential but messed up on 2nd half. Hibiki was a great guy but poorly done. It does motivated kids to trained your body with some exercises. But seeing Asumu was stuck up kid make the story doesn't make sense. They should make Asumu ended up being Oni. But later only Kiriya. I like Amami Akira( damn she's cute?) And feel like the Takeshi organization was too old school. Campared to Smart Brain and Board where got more futuristic gadgets.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Post by envedges »

Hibiki is actually my personal favorite rider show. Initially this series wasn't going to be rider show and, outside of the Hyper Video special, they never mention the word "rider" in the series, but funny thing Hibiki did mention the word "ranger" before in the show instead. I enjoy the Japanese Folklore that they have which give it Mushi-shi and Natsume Yuujinchou vibe, and brings up another point, this show has a nice "Slice of Life" element that you just cannot find easily in other Toku series. If you take out the Makamou/monster, Asumu's coming of age was pretty reliable, and is something that most of us experience before. I love Hibiki as a character and he earn his way up unlike all the "Falling into the Cockpits" heroes we see commonly in Toku. He is pretty motivated for his age and fits well as a great role model. As for negatives, Hibiki is not a Toku series for everyone. The C.G.I. was bad and the suits might not appeal to everyone especially those who limit themselves to the main stream Toku series (Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman). The show was pretty controversial with key staff leaving and the main actor criticizing the show's direction. That being said, I definitely recommend to Toku fans who have a interest for quality "Slice of Life" element that you see in certain anime. Other than that, if you are all action type of person, this show might not be for you.

Personal Rating: 5/5
Honest Rating: 4/5
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Post by Kamen Rider Gumo »

1/5 for me. Not the worst Rider I've ever seen (that goes to Fourze), but that probably is due to the fact that it initially wasn't supposed to BE a Rider show. The whole thing just felt...."off" to me and it was hard to watch.Which makes it ironic that the "World of Hibiki" arc in Decade ended up being among my favorites.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Post by Revorse »

I enjoyed Hibiki even though halfway through they try to make the show more Rider-like and that somewhat messes with the flow they had established. This show was really all about the interactions with the characters. And they were mostly all pretty interesting to me. It seemed natural. Maybe good acting. Hibiki as a Rider was great too. You would actually see him train and get stronger. I liked his suit design as well.
The final "fight" was terrible and there wasn't really a big bad. But overall I did like the show. 4/5
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Post by Jehal »

I agree a lot with what's being said here. Hibiki was a fantastic toku series, but it really wasn't a Rider show.
Despite that, I loved it. The amount of characters with personality, the actual effort they make to get stronger, and of course the slice of life aspect for the characters, especially Asumu.
I'm really glad Asumu didn't become an oni. His character was very not well fit for it, and while I was expecting him to eventually show interest, when he finally did it still seemed weird. Kiriya's story about how he's spoiled and weak, and now has to undergo actual training to improve himself fell into place with the style of the series, that it was the better decision to make him an oni instead of Asumu (But only a year of training? Really?)

My real critical point comes at the end, where the final battle is a fantastic escalated moment in the series, and then it cuts off and the next episode skips a year into the future. Immediately threw off my momentum, and the last episode itself had really poor pacing. I feel it could've gotten it's message about Asumu's decision across better, but that final conversation between him and Hibiki is still a great way to leave off. I'll still give it a 5/5 because the rest of the series makes up for this mistake.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Post by dualvision1984 »

I only watched a few episodes of the said show as it airs here in the Philippines. If only they stick with the original director and writers till the end, probably it will turn out good. 3 out of 5 for me.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Post by Kogashi »

Ooooh... Can we split this vote between first half and second half? They're so completely obviously two different shows that just happen to share the same cast. >< This one is gonna be tough. I absolutely adored the non-traditional approach they had not only to the story structure and design, but the editting and audio production of this series on the first half. It knew what it wanted to be... Aaaand then it just became bland expectedness for the second half, excluding the Zanki storyline. I don't want to give it a 3 cause that feels dishonest, but a 4 gives the second half too much credit ><
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Post by mholden020 »

Kogashi wrote:Ooooh... Can we split this vote between first half and second half? They're so completely obviously two different shows that just happen to share the same cast.

I honestly don't know if a KR series will ever bump Hibki from the top of my list, and I liked it so much that I think my opinion for Kabuto suffered because of it. The first half of the show strayed from the typical Kamen Rider template and I think it worked incredibly well. It all worked, actually. I don't think there was one specific thing that made it better than the other series. Even the secondary riders had stories that could stand on their own, something that can be missing from the other series. The one thing that did stick out was that the Oni appeared in-suit without the "helmets", which caused the out-of-suit actors to be cemented with the respective Oni versions. There are many times in both KR and Sentai that I cannot mentally envision the character in the suit and it breaks the series a little bit for me.

The second half was obviously disappointing. I hoped that Asumu would eventually punch the fire out of Kiriya, but he obviously never did. That character alone took the "good" out of the series. So much so that, when I watched Den-O, I immediately hated Yuuto when he first appeared. Eventually I grew to like Yuuto, a sign that the problems with Kiriya was the writers for Hibiki, not necessarily the actor. It was a disappointing end to a series that started really well, and I almost wish they'd go back and do it again, finishing the story with the original writers so we could see what the intended story was. It'll never happen though, and that's hugely disappointing.

5/5 for sure.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Post by Alessar »

I'm with Kogashi on this. I'd rate the first half four-ish and the second half two-ish. I'm going to abstain from this poll, I think.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Post by Skull Rider »

I'm giving 4 because the show deserves it... Like what Catastrophe point out, it does not feel like a rider show, but as a Toku show, it was pretty decent...

First of all, this show wasn't intended as a Rider series, nothing about it represent rider at the beginning, but for me "Tachibana" was the deal. In Showa shows, there was a man considered as a mentor for the Showa Riders, Tachibana Tobei. The Tachibana mentorship role were once again used in KR Fourze, the one who pick Ryuusei as KR Meteor and giving instruction from the M-BUS.

Secondly, the mentor and the apprentice concept. As for me, the best duo mentor and apprentice would be Zanki and Todoroki. As for the main Rider, Hibiki and Asumu was a great duo, and it was not end as it should which was good (sorry, I'm trying not to spoil it).

Thirdly, the villains. Very interesting concept. And very annoying one... Seems like it's gonna be an endless fight against the Makamou.

Finally, THAT many riders on duty. I only remember a couple, the rest were courtesy of KR Wiki. So, Hibiki, Ibuki, Zanki, Todoroki, Enki (KRW), Danki, Eiki (KRW), Sabaki, Shouki (KRW), Amaki (KRW), Kyouki (KRW) and Zanki mentor, Shuki (KRW).

So, yeah... The show was the least popular, but hey, it was still good. I would recommend people to watch it.
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Re: Ratings Poll: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Post by jolly_old_saint »

I loved this series a lot. It's my favorite Kamen Rider show. Still fell off the train in the last episode by skipping the climax and trying to please everyone with an achievable message that went completely against the characters' characters (Being a kamen rider/fireman metaphor's great, but you can also grow up to be a doctor, kids! Don't limit yourself!). That about covers it.
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