Issues with Super Hero Taisen

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First, check to make sure your file is complete by running it through RapidCRC or checking it with a torrent. If it's incomplete, the torrent will fill in the broken parts.

Don't use Quicktime, Realmedia, or WMP to play our files. Basically, they suck, and you're going to have a bad time.

Use VLC, Gom Player, or Media Player Classic with some codec packs installed.
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Re: Issues with Super Hero Taisen

Post by Lunagel » Sat Dec 01, 2012 8:24 am

If you play on a computer, you shouldn't hear too much difference.

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Re: Issues with Super Hero Taisen

Post by takenoko » Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:35 am

>Just out of curiosity, but playing either audio format on a computer would make no difference right?

That's a pretty hard question to answer as a stranger. Do you have two speakers or five speakers and a subwoofer? If you just have the two, then no, you won't hear any difference.

>P.S. SHT works great on my desktop =) Thanks TV-Nihon~[/quote]

No prob, glad you enjoyed it!

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Re: Issues with Super Hero Taisen

Post by Venares » Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:17 am

swb90 wrote:
Venares wrote:The problem is due to the 5.1 AAC as takenoko stated.
Well, its actualy due to the dumb fool way the 360 handles playback of h264.

In an mp4 container it only supports upto 2 channel AAC.
However an avi container will support upto 5.1 but only in AC3 I belive.

Anyways I came up with a quick one line fix to convert the audio to stereo and remux.
Unzip, place the file "[T-N]Super_Hero_Taisen_HD_1080[ABB11E6D]Blu.mp4" in the same folder and run the batch, easy :)

http://www.ariagloris.webspace.virginme ...
Just out of curiosity, but playing either audio format on a computer would make no difference right?
The audio stream only affects the consoles (PS3/360) that are trying to play the video.
I noticed the zip file consist of a codec program and just a simple batch. If you don't mind, could you run through via PM how you came up with the solution? I am quite curious to know.

That said, I never knew there was so much things to note when playing on a device other than the computer~

P.S. SHT works great on my desktop =) Thanks TV-Nihon~
Correct, if you are playing SHT on a PC using MPC or any other compitent player it makes no differnce.
Its entirly down to how craptastic playback is on consoles unfortunatly.

The zip I created simpily uses FFMPEG to down mix the audio and muxes it back into a new file without touching the video at all.
The batchfile is there to just make the proccess one click for people that have no command line experience.

How I came up with it, well simply put I've been encoding video for a very long time using various tools :mrgreen:

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