Kabuto Riders' Fighting Styles?

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Kabuto Riders' Fighting Styles?

Post by TG23 » Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:47 pm

Probably the main thing that drew me to the Kabuto Series was that each rider had a really distict fighting style once they were in the Rider Forms. So I was curious as to what they were. Any help would be awesome. I know they weren't strict with the styles but you really sensed it in the fights. Here are my guess at the styles. (sorry in advance if this was posted already somewhere. Couldn't find it.) Those of you really into the suit actors might be able to answer my question.

Kabuto: Kabuto didn't really have a style as much as he he always used a formless "it looks like I'm not trying" form which makes me think he used a modified Jeet Kun Do style focusing on short quick dodges while deflecting blows, trying to create openings for quick strikes that lead into heavier strike through combination.

The Bee: Yaguruma, the first Bee user, looked like he favored a Tai Kwan Do style focusing on kicking strikes. Only using his hands to defend and create openings. Kageyama was the exacte opposite favoring a Boxing style and rarely used his legs. And Kagami just seemed to brawl when he was the Bee.

Drake: Daisuke was a gun user so he didn't have much of a fight style out of always trying to put his opponent in front of the barrel of his gun when they got too close.

Sasword: I though it was weird that while Tsurugi was suppose to be some kind of noble knight, his style was more japanese to match his Zector. I can't really tell the difference in styles though outside of approach and striking method. Didn't seem to be your traditional Samurai type style or Kendo though.

Gatack: Traditional Muay Thai through and through. Alot of high knee strikes; guarding primary head strikes with arms and elbows and powerful swinging kicks as finishers. I liked Gatack's style the best.

And the Hoppers pretty much carried the same styles from their The Bee times.

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Re: Kabuto Riders' Fighting Styles?

Post by ProjectMazda » Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:23 am

That's really interesting. But yes, I've noticed the different Rider's fighting styles. I personally thought they fit the actual owner quite a bit xD

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Re: Kabuto Riders' Fighting Styles?

Post by Catastrophe » Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:25 pm

I liked Kabuto and the way he would brush past opponents and hit them with a few punches and repeat. It really looks like he doesn't care when he attacks. I suppose it's just suspense building up to his kick.

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Re: Kabuto Riders' Fighting Styles?

Post by LonelySoldier » Wed Dec 16, 2009 3:16 am

then what about the other riders, out of the list before (like the riders from GSL)?
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