"What is This Song" thread

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I am not a number. I am an individual!
I am not a number. I am an individual!
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"What is This Song" thread

Post by SuaveGorilla » Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:56 am

Hey guys. I had a question about a song in Kabuto and found that there are actually a couple of threads of the same nature. Figured it would work in everyone's favor if we had one thread to catalogue them; one link to click instead of three or four.

What People Are Looking For Right Now

-The Kick Hopper background music (The music PRIOR to him transforming)
-Episode 21, 18:19 mark.
-Episode 18, around 15:14 (See note)

Note: I don't have the episode here so I can't be precise. It's when he and Gon are sitting in the stands up until he lets go of Gon's hand. I think this is actually two different songs.

Where We've Tried
-KickHopper went through the four disc collection and couldn't turn up the Kickhopper background music.
-Yumenotenshi looked through the music collection for the Episode 21 track and couldn't find it.

I think it goes without saying that everyone who posted these requests would really appreciate any answers or help. Thanks for reading!

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