He speaks ENGLISH?!

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Re: He speaks ENGLISH?!

Post by yumenotenshi07 » Mon Jan 03, 2011 10:35 am

hunter-urufu wrote:For the record, I'm only up to episode 25, and the only time I've noticed it was in the segment at the end, talking about Stronger, and I'm assuming those segements are non-canon, so I don't know if Souji CAN speak english.
He spoke French in one episode and Italian in another. I think it's safe to assume he speaks English. Although, it's probably safe to assume Tendou can do everything ever. :lol: I don't blame Kagami for wanting to smack him around half the time.
Lunagel wrote:If I may steal a quote from Bill Cosby:

"The reason why [Europeans] can speak several different languages mostly is because sometimes it's only a half hour drive or a two hour drive between one language and the other. Now when you get to the United States, you can drive for eight days and not run into another language!"
That is an awesome quote. XD


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