About God Speed Love....

Because having more riders than a Sentai team can be good.
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About God Speed Love....

Post by KillerGazebo » Tue Jan 04, 2011 1:12 am

Can anyone explain to me why the exact melody for the song "God Bless America" is heard multiple times in this movie (Hiyori humming it and having it played triumphantly in the background as Tendou and Kagami march towards the final battle)? I have no problem with the song being there but im just really confused given that theyre playing an American patriotic song in a movie made in Japan...
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Re: About God Speed Love....

Post by takenoko » Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:44 am

Because America, fuck yeah!

No, seriously, it's just because it's a really good song that elicits deep, emotional responses from people. It's repeated use in the series establishes a tie between the characters, so that when they finally play the actual version in their last battle, it becomes a real big thing for them because there's a lot of meaning behind it

In short, any really memorable song would have worked here, they just happened to chose God Bless America. Actually, I looked up the lyrics to God Bless America on the wiki since I don't know the words, and the lyrics are also kind of fitting (ignore the America part) because it's sort of a prayer that asks God to give his blessing to the nation and stuff. Faith and hope and stuff are important in a post apocalyptic world

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