Does anyone have this file?

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Does anyone have this file?

Post by takenoko » Sun Oct 05, 2008 5:41 pm

17:30] <kuroneko> so whatever happened to that mini-release you guys did a long while ago of the 2004 winter super live event that you had subbed for the dekaranger part during the super love song performance
[17:32] <takenoko> eh?
[17:32] <kuroneko> u guys came out with it a few years back.. i had the file but somehow lost it or it got corrupted but it was a blip from the 2004 winter super live event...
[17:33] <takenoko> ???
[17:33] <takenoko> I remember there wa s aconcert where they did all the super sentai songs up to deka
[17:33] <kuroneko> the two songs that were there in the clip was the performance by gutz and 3 pop singers that came together and sang for about a year touring around with some weird name they derived from part of each of their names
[17:33] <takenoko> eh?
[17:34] <kuroneko> no this one was the winter live event.. they just ended up having the dekas do a choreographed fight routine while those 3 pop singers were performing super love song
[17:35] <kuroneko> i know u ugys had it up there at one time but u may have lost it at some point back in the day when those asian guys hacked the server a long while ago
[17:35] <takenoko> oh
[17:35] <takenoko> that sounds familiar
[17:36] <takenoko> the dekarangers were just in the background or something?
[17:36] <kuroneko> just didn't know if any of u still had the file cause i wanted to see if i could get it again.. i managed to find the entire super live event that was a couple of hours long but of course it's not subbed
[17:36] <takenoko> did we sub that?
[17:36] <takenoko> I'm not even sure how to find that
[17:36] <kuroneko> the dekas were fighting the little villains they had appear out of the balls and the bat villain as well
[17:36] <kuroneko> yeah you guys subbed it but it's been a long while since you did
[17:37] <kuroneko> you guys subbed the gutz song and then the deka song that followed it
[17:38] <takenoko> yeah, I think I know what you're talking about
[17:38] <takenoko> I don't know if I have that though

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