MagiRanger song: Mr. Green performed live

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MagiRanger song: Mr. Green performed live

Post by takenoko »


This is one of my favorite tokusatsu songs of all time. While doing the research for it, I found out that Itou Yuuki (Makito's actor) wrote the lyrics and helped come up with the music. That's so awesome!

I don't really know what event this was for, so if someone has that info, please drop it here.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

Oh okay, looks like it was a part of something called Sister Witch Live (Majokko Sisters Live) ... 08947.html

I guess it was cold because it was raining that day.

Thanks for the clarification.
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Re: MagiRanger song: Mr. Green performed live

Post by Slowking »

So surprisingly nice to see Yuuki Ito sing this song in 2013! This was 15 days ago.

Also the music is by Iwasaki Takafumi (person who sang the magi op and was in charge of most of the music in magi). Another reason why this is such an amazing song.
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Re: MagiRanger song: Mr. Green performed live

Post by Lunagel »

My favorite part of this is the guy on the left who randomly starts spazzing out every so often.

Makito's aged quite nicely. I always like to see how toku actors are doing along the road. It's nice to see a lot of them still remember their time on these shows fondly.
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