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Complacent masses
Complacent masses
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LaLaBit Market

Post by strawhatcapn »

I've been doing some reading (mainly here:


from what I understand, you have to live in Japan to buy stuff from them. So how on earth can I get a BoukenRed jacket of my own?
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It's Time for Buster
It's Time for Buster
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Re: LaLaBit Market

Post by Gunzy » can buy them off the Internet like alot of Japanese goods...
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Re: LaLaBit Market

Post by gekiwaza »

Actually from what I've been told about LaLaBitMarket you have to have a Japanese credit card to buy them, and you also have to live in the country because LaLaBitMarket doesn't ship internationally

However you can to buy one through a middle man service, I got my offical Bandai jackets off ebay(there are fakes out there), but it cost me a little more. Also, note that since Boukenger has been over for two years it'll probably be harder to find the jacket, because I don't think Bandai makes them after a series ends.
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