ChouSeiShin GranSazer 1 DVD release

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Re: ChouSeiShin GranSazer 1 DVD release

Post by IijumiSoukai »

Nice work SWD!

I haven't watched any of the ChouSeiShin series, but I guess I will soon (when I get a faster internet connection).

Also, that end song is pretty badass.
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Re: ChouSeiShin GranSazer 1 DVD release

Post by Battra »

Happy Birthday TVN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah Gransazer I enjoyed watching episode one again, especially with even better typesetting than before. Certainly have you guessing near the beginning of this episode who the baddies are if it's Misonogi & the professor or the chick with the other 2 Sazers. I absolutely love the ending song it's just one of those songs you hear once and you instantly connect with it, Asami Abe is definitely a good singer, Kimi Wo Tsurete Iku is definitely on of my favorites.
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Re: ChouSeiShin GranSazer 1 DVD release

Post by CeleZia »

wheres the download link for gransazer ?
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Re: ChouSeiShin GranSazer 1 DVD release

Post by takenoko »

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