Favorite Makai Knight Armor?

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Favorite Makai Knight Armor?

Post by Golden Knight »

Out of all the Makai Knights which is your favorite armor...?

Although Garo/Kouga is and always will be my favorite Makai Knight I have to say I've always been drawn to Zero's and Aguri's armors - pure slick and badass.

Theres no doubt that all the Makai Knights armors are amazing, but out of all those amazing armors which is your favorite...?
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Re: Favorite Makai Knight Armor?

Post by Dragonfan »

I can't choose an armor, but I have to recommend looking at the Makai Kadou figures of the Yami wo terasu mono armors. I didn't fond of them because of the poor CGI, but the designs are awesome and you can value them better in figures.

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Re: Favorite Makai Knight Armor?

Post by Catastrophe »

DAN is my favourite. The white lets you see nice ornamental carvings and the like in it.
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Re: Favorite Makai Knight Armor?

Post by Zaruba »

I definitely couldn't decide on which one I like best. I'll always have a bias towards the Golden Knight. I also love the blue, red, white, and Kiba. Kiba is such a badass looking armor. Then again so is Zero's. Like I said hard to decide.
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Re: Favorite Makai Knight Armor?

Post by squashy »

I was VERY tempted to order Bado figure.
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Re: Favorite Makai Knight Armor?

Post by Nutcracker23 »

Jyaku/ Jaku. the Black Garo. even though he's fake one
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Re: Favorite Makai Knight Armor?

Post by MissTokuLover »

Of course my favourite is definitely Garo's armor, but I also really love the red Zen (Takeru) armor too from YwTM, it's so badass, then again, all of the armors look very cool, but there's just something about the Zen armor that particularly makes it look so badass...I can't really put my finger on it. I also love the Gai armor too (Aguri's armor), it's very sleek and its wide glowing eyes makes the armor very unique and different to all the other armors that have 'normal eyes', the unique shaped glowing eyes definitely suits the concept of the Gai armor, since he is called the 'Sky Bow Knight'.

I also love Ryuga's black Garo armor, I actually think the black color makes it look even cooler than the golden Garo armor, the design of Ryuga's black Garo armor is also slightly different to the original golden design. I was a little disappointed when the armor reverted back to its original form when its golden brilliance was restored...not because it became gold again, but rather because I prefer the design of the black Garo armor, they could've just made the armor gold, but kept the design of the black Garo armor.
If someone were to ask me which Garo armor I prefer; the golden Garo or the black Garo, I choose the black Garo, it's my favourite, and then it's the golden Garo.

I actually love many of the armors, but there are a few that I don't particularly like...such as Leo's armor Roudo/Lord, I hate its 2 horns on the top of its head, they're so prominent it makes the head part look ugly to me, I don't like it.
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