Garo 03 DVD released

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Garo 03 DVD released

Post by takenoko »

< Ep 2
Ep 4>

What time is it?
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Re: Garo 03 DVD released

Post by Go-On Macaroni »

Adventure Time? :P
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Re: Garo 03 DVD released

Post by DereklBarona »

A friend of mine described Garo to me one time as "Toku Castlevania". I have to admit, the jacket was pretty convincing, but the clock tower boss is a total giveaway.
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Re: Garo 03 DVD released

Post by Catastrophe »

What is it with Tokusatsu, time and sand?
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Re: Garo 03 DVD released

Post by ChelseaChampion »

Sands of time?
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Re: Garo 03 DVD released

Post by Devilbat »

Originally when I first saw this episode I didn't like it all that much, but watching it again for one reason or another I liked it a lot more.
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Re: Garo 03 DVD released

Post by Battra »

takenoko wrote:What time is it?
It's Ultraman Garo time!

Man I guess not even Horror jobs are safe in this economy if they're giving their jobs over to Imagin.
Very clever of Morax to disguise himself as a watch, it really makes and excellent camouflage in today's modern times.
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Re: Garo 03 DVD released

Post by Dragonfan »

The next episode preview shows episode 5 instead of 4. Are they changing the order?
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