Garo 07 DVD Released

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Garo 07 DVD Released

Post by Phoenix512 »

< Episode 6
Episode 8>

Rei has been doing Kouga's job which Kouga doesn't like one bit. It's so on.
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Re: Garo 07 DVD Released

Post by DereklBarona »

The fight in this episode basically sets the bar for what this show is capable of and would be sweet to see on a regular basis. It's got a serious DBZ over-the-top kind of feel to it, sure, but I have to try REALLY hard to find a flat-out more awesome battle in a Toku, period.
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Re: Garo 07 DVD Released

Post by Catastrophe »

Is the place where they start fighting the same place they have the end battle in Kamen Rider the Next? Wrecked house with a bar and the staircase gives me that feeling.
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Re: Garo 07 DVD Released

Post by Ash Rudel »

Wow, Gekiyellow was in this too.

Garo really seems to be a Toku allumni show.
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Why are we all 15?
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Re: Garo 07 DVD Released

Post by kamenriderG »

that fight was awesome!! im really liking garo :D and the ending song i dont know why but gives me a strange felling like it takes me back to my childhood but at the same time it relaxes me :? thank you TV-Nihon for giving me the chance to see this awesome show!!! :D
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Re: Garo 07 DVD Released

Post by Devilbat »

This episode only gets better every time I see it. It's contains quite possibly the best and most bad ass fight scene I've ever seen in a toku show.
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Re: Garo 07 DVD Released

Post by Battra »

Hmm two guys in trench coats fighting with swords with no people around, I feel as if i've seen this somewhere before. Looking at the mask on for the silver wolf it looks like there's a abit of influence derived from Rouki in Gaoranger's.
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Re: Garo 07 DVD Released

Post by takenoko »

CM comments:
*Awww, they replaced Nounen Rena as the Slime for the Dragon Quest commercials. It's not played by Hashimoto Kanna
*Looks like Inamura Ami does a lot of baseball themed commercials
*It's always amazing to find longer versions of the commercials on youtube. I guess it makes sense to have multiple edits, but it'd be nice if they were all just the long versions. Anyway, I have the lyrics for the "don't want to go home song" if anyone wants them
*Sapporo Adult Elevator, 10 seconds of adult conversations
*Is that Miss Muffet from Undertale?
*A song about trading Pokemon cards? Hasn't Japan gotten Pokemon Go yet?
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