Garo 11 DVD Released

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Garo 11 DVD Released

Post by Phoenix512 »

< Episode 10
Episode 12>

Kouga is playing a game to save Kaoru's soul and hates games so much.
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Re: Garo 11 DVD Released

Post by DereklBarona »

Screw the rules, he has a sword?
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Re: Garo 11 DVD Released

Post by DrinkItDown »

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Re: Garo 11 DVD Released

Post by Ash Rudel »

The shadows games...I mean Horror Games.
When I first watch this one, I was expecting Zaruba was just scewing with him about the whole "kiss" to return her soul bit.
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Re: Garo 11 DVD Released

Post by ChelseaChampion »

That juice looks delicious!

I was thinking that after the search, Kouga might feel thirsty and drink it, but was shock to see him actually drink it. Wished they would have shown him frenching her.

Kinda feel that the 2nd stage of the horror game was kinda pointless.
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Re: Garo 11 DVD Released

Post by Catastrophe »

I fully thought that Kouga said left hand because that is the hand the guy would pull the coin out with. Crazy ass episode none the less.
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Re: Garo 11 DVD Released

Post by JustiFan »

Oh man, rewatching this episode just brought back all the memories of how much I dug it the first time round. There's some incredible imagination gone into the design and visual style of that "game world", and I just get a kick out of it every time I watch it! 8)

lol I'm also reminded about when they return to the real world and stand in the street, Kouga gently pushing Kaoru away. In the preview for that at the end of the previous episode, they actually play the shot in reverse, making it look like they were leaning in for a smooch. Sure Kouga just gave her a kiss to return her soul, but from that preview I was expecting them to finally just get on with it, and was a little annoyed when I realised what the smartarses had done! :mrgreen:
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Re: Garo 11 DVD Released

Post by Battra »

Looks like Kouga & Kaoru are getting closer. Some nice creativity went into designing that matrix style game room, & the addition of the Horror being neon green really added to it.
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