Garo 23 DVD release

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Garo 23 DVD release

Post by takenoko »

< Episode 22
Episode 24>

It's funny that they did a figure for Garo berserk form, even though it only appeared in one episode
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Re: Garo 23 DVD release

Post by That Guy »

There's a figure for CycloneAccelXtreme, that only appeared in a FANTASY. XP Screentime is nothing as far as merchandise goes. And berserk Garo is awesome.
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Re: Garo 23 DVD release

Post by Catastrophe »

The thing was, it was SIC, so they love doing whacked up shit.

My theory. At the western watchdog he says that the potion belonged to the dad of Zero. Barago used the potion to transform himself to keep an eye on Kaoru, thus leading me to belive that the raid on Reis house was to get the potion and kill the Maki Knight and presumably, Rei's girlfriend/friend/adopted sister as well by collateral.
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Re: Garo 23 DVD release

Post by PHurricane »

From his very first scene, I thought there was something creepy about that therapist. I felt a little vindicated when he turned out to be the main villain in disguise, secretly watching over his sacrifice.

Lots of good action in this episode. Nice that they revisited the "consequences if the time limit isn't observed" catch that was introduced earlier in the series.
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