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Series Discussion

Post by xativ »

What did everyone think of this series ?

Personally i love it, the music gets me every time, there was a good story progression, and the subtle hints to the previous gaiking series.
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Re: Series Discussion

Post by takenoko »

I thought it was a really fun series. It had likable characters and the ending was perfect
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Re: Series Discussion

Post by Algo Fonix »

I just started watching last night. So far it seems like it's gonna be fun.

Yoffy singing the theme song! It's hard to beat that.
Happy Hopping
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There are four lights!
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Re: Series Discussion

Post by Happy Hopping »

Does any1 has this series in DVD5 or DVD9? I saw the Direct Download link by Convoy_Pengun, but I like them in DVD. Is there any1 interested in trading 1 series to another? I have a hand full of super robot series DVD and is looking for some other Super robot series DVD. (All of DVD are burned in a slower speed than the rated DVD+R speed.)

On a somewhat related question, what's the difference btwn. Gaiking (the old 44 episodes series) vs. Force 5 Ver. of Gaiking's 26 episodes?

I went to this site,

and as most of us know, GaiKing has 44 episodes, I compares the episodes name list to the 26 episode of Force 5, and they are totally different.

The following is Force 5 ver. of GaiKing:

Episode 1: Aries Joins the Team
Episode 2: Right Down the Middle
Episode 3: The Dark Horror Corps Strikes
Episode 4: The Last Continent


Episode 5: Jaws of Darius
Episode 6: Mystery of the Nasuka
Episode 7: Great Balls of Fire


Episode 8: Pendant for Nebula
Episode 9: The Devil of the Desert Part I
Episode 10: The Devil of the Desert Part II


Episode 11: The Coach Comes Back
Episode 12: The Threat from Beneath the Sea
Episode 13: Golden Threads and Super Concrete


Episode 14: The Underground Kingdom
Episode 15: Encounter on the Moon
Episode 16: Guardians of Easter Island


Episode 17: From the Frozen Past
Episode 18: An Android with a Heart
Episode 19: The Last Dinosaur


Episode 20: The Flying Dutchman
Episode 21: The Magic Necklace
Episode 22: Locked Horns in Deep Space


Episode 23: Aries in Lilliput
Episode 24: The Lochness Mystery
Episode 25: The End of Zela
Episode 26: The Battle for Earth

so I went to wiki, they didn't say much about Force 5

as such, what I really want to know is, is the original 44 episodes totally different than Force 5's 26 episodes?
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Series Discussion

Post by Etherealblade »

I thought this series was awesome. Especially when [edit]....oops almost was about to spoil.
To me this show had catchy music, fun characters, and good robot fight'n action. I didn't think it was a ground breaking phenomenal series, but it's a whole lot of fun to watch. I think it's worth watching simply for the enjoyment ;). GAI GAI DAIKYMARU GAI KING!!! :D
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