Favorite Gundam Series/Movie

Because, Gundam it, we wanted to.
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Re: Favorite Gundam Series/Movie

Post by BrandXLacky » Tue Apr 01, 2008 5:38 am

1: Mobile Suit Gundam 0079
2: 08th MS Team
3: Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory
4: Turn A Gundam
5: After War Gundam X

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Doggy Kruger
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Re: Favorite Gundam Series/Movie

Post by Doggy Kruger » Thu Apr 03, 2008 11:05 pm

Mobile Suit 0079
Stardust Memory
Stargazer (love the soundtrack ç__ç)
Gundam 00

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Re: Favorite Gundam Series/Movie

Post by black cosmic ranger » Sat Dec 06, 2008 5:31 pm

gundam zz
gundam zeta
gundam 00
gundam seed
gundam seed destiny
gundam wing

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Why are we all 15?
Why are we all 15?
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Re: Favorite Gundam Series/Movie

Post by nikko76 » Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:48 am

Favorite Gundam
Endless Waltz


Gundam 00

Gundam X

Gundam 08th MS team

Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny

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Re: Favorite Gundam Series/Movie

Post by lesovikk » Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:16 am

Ive only watched 00, Wing/endless waltz, G-gundam, seed/seed destiny, and SD gundam force. and in that order. XD
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Re: Favorite Gundam Series/Movie

Post by William_Duel » Mon Feb 02, 2009 11:19 am

Technically G Gundam is still a real robot genre, but I've seen it characterized as having 'Great or Mega Damaging Weaponry" or something like that, even though it basically is a super robot. Phew Favorite Gundam Series? I have a hard time I really like most of them with the exception of Seed and Seed Destiny. I will never sit down and watch either of those two again. IF they release a new series in the Seed universe? Yeah I'll watch it and hope it's better than the last. Although to be honest, the Seed and Seed Destiny compiliation movies were a vast improvement over the actual tv series and I recommend those over the shows where the action was boring because it was the same damn thing every damn time. I like the gundam designs though but I feel that they are too ubiquitous at times.

I really like Turn A because of it's originality. IT's fresh and I like it.
I love the original, makes me think like Gundams in WW2 or something similar (afterall Zeon is partially based on Nazis/Socialists/Dictatorships etc.).
I will always love Gundam Wing, my first Gundam. Plus it's just awesome.
G Gundam is also awesome to me and the battles are awesome. I especially love the units in the games, srw and g gen.
I read a lot of the side materials and if I could translate, I would scanlate many of the gundam mangas that have not reached our shores or been touched by any groups.
I'm really digging Gundam 00. I know it has some detractors, but really, too awesome and action packed. I see it as an updated Gundam Wing.
Gundam X wasn't bad. Not my most favorite but another interesting concept and an awesome pilot (natural versus newtypes!)
And so on and so on. Sucks that Gundam F91 wasn't a full series, the movie condensed a fifty episode plot in such a small space and it didn't really work even though the story was good. And so and so on yadda yadda yadda. Z gundam is one of my favorite UC stories, and I actually like ZZ gundam quite a bit (go Haman!)
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