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Re: great show

Post by takenoko » Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:42 am

Ah, that was a mistake. The word kanojo means two things in Japanese "girlfriend" and "her". So that line should say "That's when I first met HER."

Lethe is a reference to the river of oblivion where all who drank from it experience forgetfulness:

I don't remember what it is in show, but I'm pretty sure it's related to how the Memory Police erase people's minds/suppress memories. It came into play really late in the game and a lot of stuff got rushed/cut because of the cancellation, unfortunately.

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Post by KisekiRed » Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:11 am

Jim Ballard wrote:Some fans will always find something to complain about, I guess. In terms of FX, I think what they did with THE NEXT and SEVEN X is really the way forward; suit acting composited onto location footage. Back in the 90s when Toho were doing those horrible hard mattes on their Godzilla films (where Godzilla would just walk from one side of the screen to the other in the skyline behind some buildings) I would have said "no way", but Tsuburaya have really got their greenscreen stuff down to a tee.
I agree to the whole fans always have something to complain about. I see it in the currently running discussions on here. Anywho, Nexus was my first Ultra Series. I loved it to death. When I started watching Mebius, I thought to myself, "I miss Nexus." The characters were likable. Even though I felt like I barely knew Jun, I still was (theoretically crying since I lost the ability to cry) crying when Jun had vanished at the end of the first half. For those of you too oblivious to notice, Jun is still alive. I saw all of you are saying he's dead, but he's well alive and a pretty good shot held for a good moment at the epilogue. I liked the Junis Blue design over the Junis Red, but I love the designs for Nexus overall. I managed to swipe the Ultra Act Nexus Junis Red figure at the last convention I attended. I read a bit of the lore, and it held up pretty well from what I read. For a character who does not speak, the Light had quite a bit of character depth to it. Speaking of characters, (can't remember his name) but the director of the Night Raiders played with my emotions a bit. I hated his guts until the whole side story with his daughter. Just another thing I found brilliant is when the writers can play with your emotions. Nexus always kept me guessing, which I liked. I think it was well set up. Nexus had some of my favorite Tokusatsu openings ever. Aoi Kajitsu by DOA is one of my all time favorites. Heck, I am trying to learn to play that opening on my guitar.

After reading that there were production issues. To me it does not seem like it. It was 39 episodes which is the same length as the original Ultraman. I picked up the original Ultraman DVD set at the last convention I attended (Right across from the booth with the Ultra Act Nexus.) I thought to myself, "So, I guess Ultraman in general is a bit shorter than Super Sentai and Kamen Rider."
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