Rules for this section *amended 9/22/09*

Download links provided by other fans for our projects.
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If you're submitting a link, post to the Submit Links forum

If you notice a broken link, post to the Notify Broken Links

If the episode has just been released, give it a day or so for a direct download link to be generated. Stuff comes out on torrents first.
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Rules for this section *amended 9/22/09*

Post by shadowneko003 »


1) Do not re-encode, rename, etc the files! Leave them as you downloaded them via bittorrent. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2) Do not post links to raws, music, or STREAMS. Period.

3) Do not request series X, that TV Nihon sub or did not sub, to be uploaded by any means of communication (postings, PMs, etc). DDLs are provided for fans, by fans, just like the subs themselves. We do this because we want to. We are not machines!

4) ONLY post T-N's subs! Do not post series that are licensed.

5) Do not steal other people's links without permission. It's rude and we don't want people to argue with us about so and so stole my link, etc.

6) Please do not include the title name of the episode when posting the DD link here. It can be said the title a spoiler if you're not caught up with the releases.

7) Main forum rules still apply.

9) Please do not PM the mods with requests or link x is down, just post in the thread, someone will get to it when time permits

10) Multiupload, Mediafire, Hotfile and Rapidshare are not permitted as valid links, other sites that rename files are also not permitted, only valid links will be transferred over to the main DDL threads

Follow these and you'll be fine. Enjoy!


Amended 9/22/09, shadowneko003 added specifics to Rule 3

Amended 04/30/09 Az added Rule 9

Amended 3/12/09
Added to Rule 2, no streaming links.

Amended 3/4/2008
Added "don't include title rule" because I some how forgot. It was a rule before the forums were accidentally deleted.

Amended 12/17/2007
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